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Average price for UK houses on roads with Christmas names

Published On: December 20, 2021 at 9:49 am


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The cost of buying a property on roads with Christmas names has been found by

It analysed price paid data from the Land Registry over the last 12 months for various roads with Christmas names. On average, it found that a property on one of these roads would cost £320,000, which is 19% more than the current national average.

Properties are most expensive on roads including ‘Rudolph’ in their name. With an average sold price of £527,500, properties on roads called Rudolph are 95% above the national average.

The second most expensive is ‘Lights’. At £363,000, this is 34% above the national average. ‘Mistletoe’ also commands a festive premium at 33%, with the average property costing £360,000.

Buying on roads called ‘Merry’ (£331,250), ‘Turkey’ (£330,000), ‘Tree’ (£328,750), ‘Christmas’ (£325,000), ‘Pudding’ (£325,000), ‘Chimney’ (321,495), ‘Chestnuts’ (£320,000), ‘Joy’ (£315,000), ‘Sleigh’ (£311,000) and ‘Stocking’ (£285,000) will also cost you a property price premium of between 6% and 23% versus the national average.

At £266,498, homes on roads called ‘Star’ come in around the national average, while ‘Snow’ (£250,000), ‘Holly’ (£247,000), ‘Bells’ (£230,000), ‘Reindeer’ (£205,000) and ‘Toy’ (£180,000) are also considerably more affordable.

Colby Short, Founder and CEO of, comments: “We all know that one Christmas nut, usually an aunty, that starts Christmas shopping in May and has Mariah Carey blaring out from the start of October. So, what better place for them to live than on Rudolph Road or Mistletoe Drive.

“Unfortunately, if you do want to go full Christmas 365 days a year, at least where your road name is concerned, it’s likely to cost you a fair bit more than the average property.

“Of course, the fragmented nature of the property market means there’s always a more affordable option and so you could opt for Reindeer Road over Rudolph Road and save yourself over £320,000 in the process.”

The median sold price across roads with Christmas names and how they compare to the England and Wales average

Christmas Road NameMedian Sold PriceVersus National Average
England and Wales£269,945N/A

Prepare for increased festive arrears as England eviction ban is extended, warns PayProp

Published On: December 14, 2020 at 9:20 am


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PayProp has commented on the Government’s decision to extend the evictions truce over Christmas.

Neil Cobbold, Chief Sales Officer at PayProp, comments: “Since March, increasing limitations on property possession claims through the courts have made 2020 a difficult year for landlords and letting agencies to deal effectively with serious issues such as rent arrears.

“The scant supply of repossession options will continue over the coming weeks due to an extended Christmas evictions truce between December 11th and January 11th 2021, with no enforcement action allowed in England until January 25th.

“Rent arrears tend to build up during the festive period, pushing many landlords to pursue eviction through the courts. However, with their options more limited than usual, alternatives to eviction should be investigated first, and the role of letting agents as mediators will be crucial.

“Letting agencies can help by effectively and proactively managing communication between landlords and tenants, either preventing or reducing arrears through effective reminders or organising affordable repayment plans. By digitally recording all payments and automating arrears chasing and employing the services of a dedicated eviction expert, agents can better navigate the changing rules during this trying period. 

“Next year, the prospect of a successful COVID-19 vaccine rollout and the financial support provided by an extension to the furlough scheme could improve the situation and pave the way for more normal eviction avenues to resume.

“However, there will still be challenges ahead as the minimum notice period for evictions (except for the most serious cases) remains at six months until March at the earliest. Meanwhile, there will also be the renewed prospect of Section 21 being scrapped as part of the Renters’ Reform Bill, further curtailing options.

“Agencies would be well advised to sharpen up their arrears management processes and knowledge of this crucial area of agency work.”

Ever considered leaving the rental market and becoming the next Santa Claus?

Published On: December 20, 2019 at 9:19 am


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There’s been a lot of talk this year that the private rental sector (PRS) is becoming less profitable. For those landlords looking for a change of career, perhaps leaning into something a bit more charitable, a new study has calculated the logistics required to become the next Santa Claus.

Online Money Advisor has conducted a study into how Santa Claus manages to store and deliver all of those presents in one night:

Forget snow-covered grottos in Lapland, you’re going to need warehouses and a lot of them. They calculated that to store all of the presents, you’d need warehouse space totalling 26,355,362.4m², or the equivalent of 530 Heathrow Airports!

‘How might they have worked that out?’ we hear you ask! They took the 548,695,405 children on the nice list (that’s minus the 20% on the naughty list) and multiplied it by the average Christmas present pile size of 0.48m². 

Next, there’s the cost. That many gifts would be worth a combined total of £54bn, or £100 per child. To put that into perspective, that’s the same as the GDP of Luxembourg.

Finally, there’s the time associated with delivering all of the presents. You certainly won’t be getting an easier life as the next Santa Claus. You’d need to visit 182,898,468 houses in one night or 1,583 per second!

Hard work! But as a reward, you can look forward to consuming 52bn calories and 182m units of alcohol in one night in mince pies and sherry… 

So, if you have a penchant for over-indulging and enjoy working extra hard for one night of the year, 2020 might be the year of your new career! Plus, it would be an advantage if you had some magical powers too!

Merry Christmas from Landlord News! See you in 2020.

Quiz Your Knowledge of the Property Market over 2016

Published On: December 28, 2016 at 10:16 am


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As the Christmas blues begin to set in, now’s the perfect time to quiz your knowledge of the property market over 2016 before the New Year arrives!

Quiz Your Knowledge of the Property Market over 2016

Quiz Your Knowledge of the Property Market over 2016

To honour what has been a trying and turbulent year for landlords, online estate agent has put together an end of year quiz on the property market. It’s a great way for all those in the sector to finish off 2016 and transition into next year, while learning a bit about the industry along the way.

The quiz, which tests your knowledge of 2016’s property market, includes 16 questions on the entire industry – it’s a fun distraction from the hectic atmosphere at home and the slower flow at work.

The majority of the questions focus on general knowledge of the property market – from demand, to house prices, to estate agencies, mortgages and first time buyers. There are, of course, a few about eMoov itself.

Each question has a series of multiple-choice answers (so it’s not too difficult!) and you will find out immediately if you got the question right or not. At the end of the quiz, you will be given a final score. Click here to play!

The Founder and CEO of eMoov, Russell Quirk, says: “The quiz brings to light what happened in the industry over the past year in a visual and amusing way. The numbers and results from the year are highlighted in a clearer way.

“Games are an excellent way to relax during the Christmas season, and a quiz wrapping up the whole year is a great way to polish up on the past 12 months’ property facts.”

We hope you enjoy playing and get a higher score than us (10/16)!

We will keep you updated on how the property market has fared over the past year and the general outlook for 2017 at

17% of party goers would not own up to causing damage!

Published On: December 23, 2016 at 10:08 am


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A new survey has revealed that one in five party guests would not admit to causing damage to a property during a Christmas party.

The research conducted by economy insurer GUARDHOG has found that three quarters of people looking to hold a Christmas or New Year get together fear that things could get out of hand!

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree

According to the report, nearly half of those planning a party this December said that they were worried about too many people turning up. 20% said that they were worried about valuables being broken or stolen.

Only 11% were worried that too few people would show up, with 14% stating that the biggest chore would be tidying up the mess the following day.

17% of would-be guests to a party said that they would keep quiet if they caused damage, with 3% saying they would blame someone else!

49% said that while they would own up to the damage, they would hope that the host would claim on their insurance.

However, these honest guests could well be in for a shock, with 44% of hosts stating that they hoped they would cover costs for any damage. 20% of generous hosts said they would pay the bill, with 26% claiming on their home contents insurance.

17% of party goers would not own up to causing damage!

17% of party goers would not own up to causing damage!


Humphrey Bowles, co-founder of GUARDHOG, said: ‘Renting out a property over the festive season can be rewarding, but hosts may be concerned their guests might be planning to hold a New Year’s Eve bash. GUARDHOG’s cover protects hosts and their homes in a variety of circumstances including accidental and malicious damage should guests overdo the party spirit!’[1]




What are the values of some iconic homes from Christmas movies?

Published On: December 21, 2016 at 3:23 pm


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To celebrate the festive season, online estate agent has made a list assessing the values of some memorable homes from classic Christmas movies.

There is nothing better when your halls are decked, presents are wrapped and mulled wine poured than to settle in watching a Christmas film. But just how much would some iconic properties go for in the current market?

Big Screen, Big Prices

One of the most famous properties from a Christmas movie is the house Kevin McCallister fought so hard to defend in Home Alone. A potential purchaser looking to buy a property similar to this in Chicago will need to cough up more than £1.5m.

Those feeling particularly flush might also want to consider investing in 55 Central Park West, Manhattan, home of Elf’s grouchy father Walter. A one-bedroom property here costs an eye-watering £1,055,322.

Back over the pond, Hugh Grant’s bachelor pad as seen in About a Boy would cost roughly £1.5m. Meanwhile, a terraced home in the ‘dodgy’ area of Wandsworth, location seen in Love Actually, costs around £1.1m. Incredibly, the average house price in the region in 2003, the year the film was released, was just £255,024.

A similar Surrey cottage to the one seen in The Holiday (Cameron Diaz not included) is valued around £725,000. When the film was released, the average value of a property here was £474,561.

What are the values of some iconic homes from Christmas movies?

What are the values of some iconic homes from Christmas movies?


Russell Quirk, founder and CEO of, observed: ‘With the Christmas season in full swing, it is always nice to get into the spirit to relax and watch Christmas films. It acts as a great way to spend time with family.’[1]

‘Since it is a family based holiday mostly set in the home, it is fitting to look at property prices from the favourite movies of the season,’ he added.[1]