Tenant News

There are now more private sector tenants in the UK than ever before. If you are one of this record number, let us keep you updated with all the latest tenant news and goings-on in your market!

tenants are unsure of their rights

Top 10 UK cities where tenants are unsure of their rights

An analysis by Boiler Plan highlights the top 10 UK cities most unsure of their tenant rights.  They looked at …

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safely house young LGBTQ+ people

Property professionals support Pride Month by fundraising to safely house young LGBTQ+ people

Support from within the property industry is being given to akt, a charity that helps LGBTQ+ people aged 16-25 facing or experiencing homelessness …

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NRLA working with government to reduce rent arrears caused by coronavirus

A new independent poll shows that almost all tenants have been able to pay their rent as usual during the …

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Telegraph Money rent arrears

Increase in rent arrears during May, according to Telegraph Money research

Research undertaken by lettings platform Goodlord for Telegraph Money has noted an increase in rent arrears during May. The results show that …

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young renters most at risk

Landlords heavily exposed to young renters most at risk of losing their job

With nearly one in two renters in the UK aged between 16 to 34, residential landlords are heavily exposed to younger …

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landlords willing to take a financial hit to support tenants

Majority of landlords willing to take a financial hit to support tenants

Private landlords have been willing to take a temporary hit to rental income to support struggling tenants, new research shows. …

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Being a rental property tenant in Britain is now more common than ever, with almost one in five UK housing market inhabitants in this demographic. As a result, there is more onus than ever on UK tenants to understand their responsibilities, knowing that demand is outstripping supply! Why is keeping up with tenant news important? Tenant news is extremely important for the millions of UK renters currently residing in rental accommodation, not only for them to keep up to date, but also to see if their landlord is acting within the law. By keeping abreast of the situation, you will not only be able to act lawfully, but will also understand the bigger picture of the rental sector.