Tenant News

There are now more private sector tenants in the UK than ever before. If you are one of this record number, let us keep you updated with all the latest tenant news and goings-on in your market!

affordable student rental accommodation

Coastal universities with most affordable student rental accommodation

Research by student accommodation platform UniHomes has found the coastal university cities with the most affordable rent prices. The platform’s …

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London tenants seeing ‘more manageable’ rent prices during pandemic

London has become a more affordable place to rent during the pandemic, according to research by London lettings and estate …

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private tenants are in rent arrears

Government statistics show 353,000 private tenants in rent arrears at end of 2020

Yesterday (21st April 2021) new statistics from the Government were released showing that almost one in five private renters in England are …

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Universal Credit claimants find a privately rented home

Rent guarantee could help Universal Credit claimants find a privately rented home

A study has been undertaken to explore ways to encourage private rental sector (PRS) landlords to support tenancies from people receiving …

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rent controls in London

Will call for rent controls in London leave tenants worse off?

A new analysis published by the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) shows that rent controls called for by London mayor …

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tenants looking to furnish their rental home

Top tips for tenants looking to furnish their rental homes

Kate Faulkner, founder of Propertychecklists.co.uk, has provided tips for renters looking to make a rental property feel like home. The golden …

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Being a rental property tenant in Britain is now more common than ever, with almost one in five UK housing market inhabitants in this demographic. As a result, there is more onus than ever on UK tenants to understand their responsibilities, knowing that demand is outstripping supply! Why is keeping up with tenant news important? Tenant news is extremely important for the millions of UK renters currently residing in rental accommodation, not only for them to keep up to date, but also to see if their landlord is acting within the law. By keeping abreast of the situation, you will not only be able to act lawfully, but will also understand the bigger picture of the rental sector.