Tenant News

There are now more private sector tenants in the UK than ever before. If you are one of this record number, let us keep you updated with all the latest tenant news and goings-on in your market!

A Third of Scottish Tenants have No Plans of Buying a Home

Almost one in three Scottish tenants have no plans to ever buy their own homes, mainly because they are happy …

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Government Issues Guidance for Tenants on their Rights and Responsibilities

As the private rental sector continues to grow, the Government has issued guidance for tenants on their rights and responsibilities. …

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Average Cost of Renting a Room Up by 3% on 2018

The average cost of renting a room in the UK has increased by 3% (£15 per month) since the first …

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energy providers

Can I Switch Energy Providers? What Landlords and Tenants Need to Know

What would you do, if your landlord said you couldn‘t switch energy providers? A new survey has revealed that this …

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rental affordability

Rental Affordability has Improved Across the UK since 2007 – Even in London

Weak rent price growth has resulted in improved rental affordability for private tenants across many parts of the UK, including …

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Section 21 Reform Could put Tenants in a “Weaker Position”

The Government’s new Section 21reform could put private tenants in a “weaker position” in the long run, according to a Partner …

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Being a rental property tenant in Britain is now more common than ever, with almost one in five UK housing market inhabitants in this demographic. As a result, there is more onus than ever on UK tenants to understand their responsibilities, knowing that demand is outstripping supply! Why is keeping up with tenant news important? Tenant news is extremely important for the millions of UK renters currently residing in rental accommodation, not only for them to keep up to date, but also to see if their landlord is acting within the law. By keeping abreast of the situation, you will not only be able to act lawfully, but will also understand the bigger picture of the rental sector.