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Quiz Your Knowledge of the Property Market over 2016

Em Morley - December 28, 2016

As the Christmas blues begin to set in, now’s the perfect time to quiz your knowledge of the property market over 2016 before the New Year arrives!

Quiz Your Knowledge of the Property Market over 2016

Quiz Your Knowledge of the Property Market over 2016

To honour what has been a trying and turbulent year for landlords, online estate agent has put together an end of year quiz on the property market. It’s a great way for all those in the sector to finish off 2016 and transition into next year, while learning a bit about the industry along the way.

The quiz, which tests your knowledge of 2016’s property market, includes 16 questions on the entire industry – it’s a fun distraction from the hectic atmosphere at home and the slower flow at work.

The majority of the questions focus on general knowledge of the property market – from demand, to house prices, to estate agencies, mortgages and first time buyers. There are, of course, a few about eMoov itself.

Each question has a series of multiple-choice answers (so it’s not too difficult!) and you will find out immediately if you got the question right or not. At the end of the quiz, you will be given a final score. Click here to play!

The Founder and CEO of eMoov, Russell Quirk, says: “The quiz brings to light what happened in the industry over the past year in a visual and amusing way. The numbers and results from the year are highlighted in a clearer way.

“Games are an excellent way to relax during the Christmas season, and a quiz wrapping up the whole year is a great way to polish up on the past 12 months’ property facts.”

We hope you enjoy playing and get a higher score than us (10/16)!

We will keep you updated on how the property market has fared over the past year and the general outlook for 2017 at