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What are the values of some iconic homes from Christmas movies?

Published On: December 21, 2016 at 3:23 pm


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To celebrate the festive season, online estate agent has made a list assessing the values of some memorable homes from classic Christmas movies.

There is nothing better when your halls are decked, presents are wrapped and mulled wine poured than to settle in watching a Christmas film. But just how much would some iconic properties go for in the current market?

Big Screen, Big Prices

One of the most famous properties from a Christmas movie is the house Kevin McCallister fought so hard to defend in Home Alone. A potential purchaser looking to buy a property similar to this in Chicago will need to cough up more than £1.5m.

Those feeling particularly flush might also want to consider investing in 55 Central Park West, Manhattan, home of Elf’s grouchy father Walter. A one-bedroom property here costs an eye-watering £1,055,322.

Back over the pond, Hugh Grant’s bachelor pad as seen in About a Boy would cost roughly £1.5m. Meanwhile, a terraced home in the ‘dodgy’ area of Wandsworth, location seen in Love Actually, costs around £1.1m. Incredibly, the average house price in the region in 2003, the year the film was released, was just £255,024.

A similar Surrey cottage to the one seen in The Holiday (Cameron Diaz not included) is valued around £725,000. When the film was released, the average value of a property here was £474,561.

What are the values of some iconic homes from Christmas movies?

What are the values of some iconic homes from Christmas movies?


Russell Quirk, founder and CEO of, observed: ‘With the Christmas season in full swing, it is always nice to get into the spirit to relax and watch Christmas films. It acts as a great way to spend time with family.’[1]

‘Since it is a family based holiday mostly set in the home, it is fitting to look at property prices from the favourite movies of the season,’ he added.[1]