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Property Activity Index

Latest Agency Express data shows property market heated up in July

There has been a spike in property sales across the UK during July, according to the latest Agency Express data. …

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Sharp Rise in the Number of Fraudsters Letting Out Empty Property

Sharp Rise in the Number of Fraudsters Letting Out Empty Property

Owners of empty property and would-be tenants are being warned about people falsely posing as landlords in order to let …

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AI automation

Could AI automation help agencies save time and focus on compliance?

Roby.ai, a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant, has been developed in order to help reduce the workload of the typical …

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property activity index

UK Lettings Market Declined in June, Latest Agency Express Property Activity Index shows

The latest Agency Express Property Activity Index has been released, with results showing a year on year decline across the …

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final report

Final Report on New Regulatory Proposal for Letting Agents Released

The final report on the proposal of a new regulatory framework for letting and managing agents in England has been released. …

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PRS regulations

PRS Regulations Can Greatly Benefit from Latest Technology, says Gas Tag

The ever-increasing amount of lettings regulations in the UK is proving a challenge for letting agents and landlords, according to …

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The changing face of the UK property market brings with it new challenges for the lettings industry. Those who have invested in buy-to-let property, or acquired through other means, must comply with lettings legislation. Amendments to new and existing legislation make news on lettings very important to landlords across the sector. Be it new landlord laws or letting agents rules and regulations, the most up-to-date information from the lettings sector is imperative, should property owners wish to comply with all regulation.