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Average void periods

Average void periods and rent prices drop in the final month of 2019

According to Goodlord’s latest Rental Index, both average rents and average void periods saw a drop in December 2019. Rent …

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Furnished holiday lets

Furnished holiday lets set to spearhead the UK’s ‘green revolution’ in 2020

UK holiday lets are increasing in popularity for Brits, as climate change continues to be at the forefront of concerns …

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Providing better information about what to expect from landlords and letting agents can improve tenant satisfaction,

Improve tenant satisfaction with clear information from letting agents and landlords

If you want to keep your tenants satisfied with the service you provide, then it makes sense to provide them …

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avoid tenant disputes

Landlord and letting agent tips to avoid tenant disputes from The DPS

Preparing for disputes in advance can help a landlord or letting agent’s chances of avoiding them later on, says The …

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New anti-money laundering rules for letting agencies from January 2020

Changes to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules should not be overlooked, despite everyone’s main focus currently being the upcoming General Election. …

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Communication and relationships key for improved private rental sector

Communication and relationships key for private rental sector

An industry roundtable recently discussed the needs of tenants and landlords in the private rental sector (PRS). The main outcome …

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The changing face of the UK property market brings with it new challenges for the lettings industry. Those who have invested in buy-to-let property, or acquired through other means, must comply with lettings legislation. Amendments to new and existing legislation make news on lettings very important to landlords across the sector. Be it new landlord laws or letting agents rules and regulations, the most up-to-date information from the lettings sector is imperative, should property owners wish to comply with all regulation.