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Keep on top of the key financial changes impacting the buy-to-let sector. How are interest rates affecting property? Has a lender changed their buy-to-let mortgage rates? What about tax alterations?

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steady month for mortgages

UK Finance lending trends show steady month for mortgages

UK Finance has released the latest lending trends data for September 2019, revealing strong mortgage figures. The report highlights: There were 29,100 …

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Majority of Buy-to-Let Lenders Offer Mortgage Products to Limited Companies

Mortgages for Business’ latest Buy-to-Let Mortgage Index reveals that, for the first time, more than half (59%) of all buy-to-let …

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UK Finance Mortgages Trends Data for May 2019 Released

UK Finance’s latest Mortgages Trends data for May 2019 was released yesterday (16th July). The following are the highlights from …

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Fixed Rate Buy-to-Let Mortgage Costs Fall Month on Month

The latest research from Property Master shows an ‘unprecedented’ drop in the cost of fixed rate buy-to-let mortgage costs. Information …

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Why Buy to Let Landlords Should be Using a Mortgage Broker – Now More than Ever

With huge swathes of new legislation and changes to the tax system being introduced, the business of letting property is …

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Homeowners Confident in the Performance of the Property Market over the Next Six Months

Share of Buy-to-Let Lending Drops Marginally, BoE Figures Show

The share of lending for buy-to-let purposes dropped marginally in the first quarter (Q1) of the year, according to the …

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Those with assets and financial interest in the rental sector should keep a close eye on buy-to-let news, in order to ascertain if they are making the most of their investment. Interest rates, mortgage rates being offered by lenders and tax alterations can all impact on rental yields and investment returns. Therefore, landlords and lenders alike should ensure that they stay up to date with all the latest finance news and information.