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17% of party goers would not own up to causing damage!

Em Morley - December 23, 2016

A new survey has revealed that one in five party guests would not admit to causing damage to a property during a Christmas party.

The research conducted by economy insurer GUARDHOG has found that three quarters of people looking to hold a Christmas or New Year get together fear that things could get out of hand!

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree

According to the report, nearly half of those planning a party this December said that they were worried about too many people turning up. 20% said that they were worried about valuables being broken or stolen.

Only 11% were worried that too few people would show up, with 14% stating that the biggest chore would be tidying up the mess the following day.

17% of would-be guests to a party said that they would keep quiet if they caused damage, with 3% saying they would blame someone else!

49% said that while they would own up to the damage, they would hope that the host would claim on their insurance.

However, these honest guests could well be in for a shock, with 44% of hosts stating that they hoped they would cover costs for any damage. 20% of generous hosts said they would pay the bill, with 26% claiming on their home contents insurance.

17% of party goers would not own up to causing damage!

17% of party goers would not own up to causing damage!


Humphrey Bowles, co-founder of GUARDHOG, said: ‘Renting out a property over the festive season can be rewarding, but hosts may be concerned their guests might be planning to hold a New Year’s Eve bash. GUARDHOG’s cover protects hosts and their homes in a variety of circumstances including accidental and malicious damage should guests overdo the party spirit!’[1]