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What are the spookiest reasons given for not buying a home?

Published On: October 28, 2016 at 9:23 am


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With Halloween just around the corner, new research from Skipton Building Society has revealed the spookiest features put people purchasing an older property.

Data from the report shows that it might not be the décor or garden that is putting the willies up would-be buyers!


The study of 2,000 people found that one in ten are put-off buying property by the possibility of ghosts being present in homes more than 46 years old! Others expressed concern about the history, while others complained of signs of mice and bats in the attic!

An unlucky 13 reasons for people not wanting to buy an older property were found to be:

  • Knowing someone had died there (21%)
  • Seeing mice in the property (21%)
  • Not knowing history of the home (20%)
  • Lack of light (20%)
  • Unsavory previous owners (16%)
  • Bats in the attic (14%)
  • Not liking the history (13%)
  • Knowing a criminal has lived there (13%)
  • Fearing someone has been murdered there! (13%)
  • One of the rooms being colder (10%)
  • Scared of ghosts (10%)
  • Squeaky floorboards (9%)
  • Weird things in the property (8%)

Further results from the survey showed that 45% would immediately rule out a property over 46 years old. Over two-thirds wanted a new build, while 38% said that they would prefer to purchase a new build if money was no object.

Over half of those surveyed said that the biggest attraction of a new property was the ability to oversee what lighting, carpeting and appliances to include. In addition, not having to clean and ease of decorating were two other factors.

What are the spookiest reasons given for not buying a home?

What are the spookiest reasons given for not buying a home?


Rebecca Willey, Corporate Communications Manager at Skipton Building Society, noted: ‘It seems it’s not just the unexpected costs associated with buying an older home that is scaring the nation; a fear of ghosts, mysterious property past and even dead pets buried in the garden are enough to put people off from buying an older house.’[1]

‘Whilst it may spook some, purchasing an older property full of historical charm is a real treat for others. However, it’s not hard to see why so many people want a new build home, as they provide an opportunity to create the home of your dreams, without the hard work and baggage from previous owners,’ she continued.[1]

Concluding, Willey said: ‘So whether you prefer a new build blank canvas or a home full of character, you will need to ensure your finances are in the best shape possible to ensure you get the keys to your dream home, no matter how old –or haunted – it may be.’[1]