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Tenant survey reveals the creepiest rental interior trends in the UK

Em Morley - October 29, 2021

Just in time for Halloween, 2,284 UK tenants were surveyed to find out what items of furniture they would find the scariest when looking to rent a property.

Manor Interiors, provider of build-to-rent furnishing solutions, found the clear winner was inflatable furniture and waterbeds. Also ranking highly were wicker furniture and tile countertops.

What would be the scariest item of furniture to find in a rental property?

Inflatable/water bed54%
Wicker furniture10%
Tile kitchen countertops10%
Fast furniture (cheap imitations)8%
Jacuzzi Bath6%
Bean bag chairs5%
Leather sofa or arm chair1%
Platform bed1%
Breakfast bar stools1%

The same tenants were then asked which interior design trends they found the scariest when it comes to looking for a rental property. Carpeted bathrooms received the most votes, with ceiling mirrors also giving them the creeps.

What are the scariest interior design trends to find in a rental property?

Carpeted bathrooms18%
Ceiling mirrors17%
Matching wallpaper and carpets10%
Textured ceilings or walls10%
Fake flowers or fruit9%
Empty picture frames8%
Inspirational wall art – Live, Laugh, Love7%
Bright coloured interiors7%

Farhan Malik, CEO of Manor Interiors, comments: “While tenants might not have a say in how a rental property is presented, it can certainly impact their likelihood to rent it and as our research shows, there are plenty of outdated interior design trends that could scare them away.

“This is an important consideration for landlords and it really highlights the significance of presenting a property that appeals to the modern-day tenant. While initial factors such as size, location and cost will always drive their initial search, design, style and appearance are becoming increasingly influential.

“The best bet is to keep to a clean, neutral style and avoid any blasts from the past such as carpeted bathrooms and textured walls or ceilings. In doing so, you’re going to best present your property while also leaving a little room for a tenant to put their own personal stamp in terms of their preferred style.”