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Rents set to rise for 2016/17 students

Published On: September 5, 2016 at 12:01 pm


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With students busy readying themselves to return back to their university campuses, a new survey might just make them think twice about expensive amenities.

Specialist student utilities and service provider Glide Utilities has conducted an investigation that reveals student rents are on the rise for 2016/17.

Rising rents

According to data from the ‘What Students Seek’ report, rents have risen by £10 per week year-on-year since 2013. This means the average student now pays more than £100 per week in private rental fees.

More than two million students are heading to university this September and this will not come as good news, with many already in severe debt due to rising tuition fees and living costs.

With rents spiralling, students are now quite rightly expecting more in return for their money. The report shows that 67% of landlords are now including bills as standard, the highest percentage ever recorded. This will hopefully make squabbles about gas and electric bills less common!

64% of students feel that double beds are important when considering a room to rent, while 40% said they are only interested in a room with an en-suite. 85% of modern students said that they would not even consider a property without a solid broadband connection.

Rents set to rise for 2016/17 students

Rents set to rise for 2016/17 students


Despite persistently rising rents and worries around debts, 47% of students feel the rents they pay represent good value for money. More than three-quarters (76%) said that they were generally satisfied with their accommodation.

More interesting findings from the report suggest that more students are now using Google to locate suitable accommodation. 59% said that this was the case, as opposed to 25% who use traditional letting agents. 58% use a dedicated accommodation website to find suitable student property, while 44% go directly to the university accommodation office to find their residence.

James Villareal, CEO at Glide Utilities, noted, ‘in line with national rent increases, the cost for private student accommodation is also on the rise, which must be a consideration for students budgeting their time at university. Avoiding additional costs created by bills is one way students can help to manage their expenditure , which is why we’re seeing a greater demand for bills-inclusive rates from students and more landlords offering this a standard. Our report highlights what students are looking for in their accommodation and how they go about finding the right place to meet their needs.’[1]


Tenants Fear Rent Rises

Around a quarter of private tenants are fearing rent rises after it was announced that landlords’ tax relief will be cut.

In the July Budget, Chancellor George Osborne revealed that tax relief on landlord interest mortgage payments will be reduced to the standard rate.

Tenants Fear Rent Rises

Tenants Fear Rent Rises

Landlords have voiced their concerns over these plans, but tenants are now worried about the impact these cuts will have on them. It is thought that the cost will be passed onto tenants through rent increases.

A survey of 1,000 UK tenants by Google Consumer Surveys on behalf of uncovers renters’ concerns.

The study found that 38% of tenants are feeling uncertain over how the cuts will affect them and over half would like greater rent controls to be introduced.

Worryingly for landlords, 35% of respondents said they would move to a different property if their rent did rise.

Already, tenants in the UK suffer some of the highest rents in Europe. Further rent increases would leave British renters paying much higher costs than those in other European countries.

If prices do rise, only 20% of tenants would stay in their current home. Shockingly, one in ten said they could be forced to seek council housing.

However, 17% said a rent rise would prompt them to buy their own home, which could be a positive.

Therefore, landlords could potentially lose 80% of private UK tenants, who would be unable to afford a price increase.

There are rules that landlords must stick to regarding rent rises, however, for example, landlords cannot increase prices during a fixed-term tenancy agreement before the end date without a tenant’s agreement. has revealed how tenants would react to a rent rise:

How would a rent increase impact your current housing situation?

  • 34.8% would seek a cheaper private tenancy.
  • 20.4% would stay in their current home.
  • 17.1% would be more motivated to buy a property.
  • 12.7% would consider becoming a council tenant.
  • 15% gave other options.