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Website Helps Vendors Choose the Right Agent

A new website that compares the performance of estate agents in England and Wales will go live this weekend. claims to identify the country’s best-performing agents based on specific statistics, such as the sale price achieved compared to the asking price, amount of properties sold and speed of sale.

Website Helps Vendors Choose the Right Agent

Website Helps Vendors Choose the Right Agent

It found that the three agents consistently able to achieve the highest amount over the asking price in the last six months were in London.

The Rotherhithe branch of Hastings International secured an average of £31,105 over the asking price, with Winkworth in Palmers Green (£16,215) and Douglas Allen in Dalston (£15,083) coming second and third correspondingly.

The site says: “This compares very favourably to the UK average performance of £12,742 below asking price.”1

The three agents that secure the highest individual percentage increase over the asking price are Whitehouse Estate Agents in Bournemouth, at 108.9%, Hastings International in Rotherhithe at 107.7% and Connells in Southville, Bristol at 107.2%.

The average length of time taken to sell a property in the past six months is 55 days, although there are dramatic regional differences.

The fastest sales were in Reading, at 26 days, Bristol at 26 days and outer London at 43 days. The slowest areas were Liverpool at 85 days and Leeds at 62 days. The fastest agents were Lawson Rose in Southsea, Portsmouth and Leaders in Waterlooville, both at eight days.

The creators of the website say that vendors choose estate agents based on “instinct, word of mouth and how many boards they see in their area”, but this service enables people to make the decision “based on real data rather than gut feel.”1

Vendors can analyse certain facts such as the agent’s success rate – the proportion of properties that have sold compared to the total number of homes listed with that company – and the average time taken to sell. They will also be able to look at how often an agent achieves a sale at or above the asking price, how many properties each agent has listed in the location of the seller’s house and an indication of the fees charged.




Finding the Best Estate Agent to Sell your Property

Published On: April 15, 2015 at 1:47 pm


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When you are selling your property, finding the right estate agent is the most important decision you will make.

The best estate agent will provide a realistic valuation and advise you correctly on improvements and certification that could add value to your asset and sell it quickly.

Most agents are paid commission once a contract is signed. This can lead them to tell you the wrong things, such as that your house is perfect when it isn’t, and overvaluing. Both of these can holdup the sales process.

A good agent

To determine if you have found a good estate agent, request reasoning from them when they value the property. Ask them what they will do if the property does not sell as quickly or at the price expected. If you’re happy with their answers, you may have found a trustworthy agent.

It is a good idea to check recent sales and prices of similar properties in the area by entering the postcode at

Marketing the property

It is expected that estate agents advertise online, so find out which websites they use. They should be members of popular sites such as

They could also advertise in newspapers, so check if they are doing this. If the property is pricey, they could put it in a national newspaper or magazine.

Finding the Best Estate Agent to Sell your Property

Finding the Best Estate Agent to Sell your Property

Traditional window adverts are also good for the local market, but make sure you know how long your property will be put there.

You can also request to look at their brochures, photography and descriptions. Ensure these are of a high standard to make your property look as good as possible.

Questions to ask yourself

Before you appoint an estate agent, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your agent communicate well?
  • Do you get on with the agent?
  • Do you trust the agency?

Additionally, read the contract thoroughly. If you do not understand something, research or ask the agent. If you aren’t happy with something, don’t sign.


Sometimes people will simply go with the agent offering the highest valuation. However, it is common for these agents to ask you to lower the asking price within a couple of months. This can waste valuable time, in which you will need to keep the property ready for sale. If you are looking for another home, you may have lost the one you really wanted in this time also.

Buyers are also going to think there is something wrong with the property the longer it’s on the market.


You must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when selling your property. These are required by law, and allow potential buyers to check the energy efficiency of the property. The EPC contains details of energy use and costs. The EPC gives the property an energy rating and is valid for ten years.

Gas and electric safety certificates can also be beneficial when selling a property. Buyers will want to know everything is safe, and mortgage lenders want to see the state of the gas and electrics when lending on a property.


You should ensure that your property is well presented before trying to sell, as this could be the difference between a great price and not selling at all. Improving the appearance could be simply tidying up the garden or decorating.

If there are broken or old features to the house, inside or out, a buyer may feel that the property has been neglected, and therefore has more serious underlying problems.

Read this advice on improving the exterior of your property: /improving-the-exterior-of-your-home/.

Inside the property

When a buyer steps into the house, they want to see it as their home. De-personalising the property and keeping it minimal will stop family photographs or ornaments clouding their vision.

These tips can help with staging your property: /ten-tips-for-home-staging/.



Launch of Estate Agent Comparison Website

Published On: January 12, 2015 at 4:19 pm


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A website has been launched aiming to compare the fees and services of at least six local estate agents, and arrange appraisals. is described as an “upfront estate agent comparison” site.1

How it works

Launch of Estate Agent Comparison Website

Launch of Estate Agent Comparison Website

If you are selling your home, you can go onto the website and complete an online form, including personal and property details. The vendor then agrees to the terms and conditions, and clarifies that they are not an estate agent.

Agentsavvy will then contact at least six estate agents in the area, specifying the name of the street and town, with details of the property. They do not give the vendor’s name, contact details, or exact address.

The seller will then receive an Estate Agent Comparison Report from Agentsavvy, which is free. This is prepared between three to five working days.

If the vendor would like more details, Agentsavvy will try to find additional information from one or more of the agents.

Making a sale

If the seller then selects an agent, Agentsavvy will conduct this, and then “will charge the agent you choose to sell your house a small fee once a sale is completed.”1 

The website claims to also help existing sellers compare their estate agent, however, they do advise: “Make sure that you observe and meet any commitments you have with your current estate agent.”1

Naturally, the service only includes estate agents who have agreed to pay Agentsavvy the fee upon sale.

The site says: “Finding the estate agent who can offer you the services you require at the best possible price currently takes too long and it’s too complicated; so people simply don’t bother and end up paying more than they could have or not received services they would have liked.”1