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Where is the Best Place to Live in the UK and Why?

Published On: March 23, 2016 at 2:46 pm


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A recent study by the Sunday Times has named Winchester as the best place to live in the UK.

The Hampshire city was praised for its “food, festivals and feel-good factor” and was described as “a tasty slide of authentic history”1.

For the last three years, Visit Winchester has been promoting the area as the perfect English city, thanks to its good schools, low crime rate and a range of tourist attractions.

The city’s population of 45,000 people may also find Winchester a desirable place to live as it is only an hour from London by train and has an unemployment rate of just 0.6%.

However, if you’re on a budget, moving to Winchester may not be the best idea, as some people are completely priced out of renting or buying there.

Where is the Best Place to Live in the UK and Why?

Where is the Best Place to Live in the UK and Why?

Zoopla reports that the average house price in the city is £520,314, while the rent on a typical one-bedroom home is £821 per month.

Over the past year, house prices in Winchester have increased by 10% and by a huge 30% in the last five years. Zoopla names Sleepers Hill as the city’s most expensive street, where the average home costs a whopping £1,530,938.

Sue McKenna, the General Manager of homelessness charity Trinity Winchester, says that rising house prices have caused problems for anyone on a low income looking to rent or buy in the city.

She believes that the city being named the best in Britain will not help her clients: “The people we work with are completely priced out of the market, even renting a private house is out of reach.

“For our clients, this is not going to help, it is going to make it much more difficult for them.”1

She insists that Winchester needs more social housing, as house prices and rents continue to soar.

The city dates back to 150BC and was chosen as England’s capital by King Alfred the Great. It is also suggested that it could have been the real site of King Arthur’s legendary Camelot.

Winchester is also home to the UK’s largest farmers’ market, one of Europe’s biggest cathedrals, the restored Edwardian Theatre Royal Winchester, and a stream of upmarket shops and restaurants.

The Mayor of Winchester, Angela Clear, says the city’s history and lively modern atmosphere make it special.

“It has so much tradition and that is what people love,” she claims. “We have the lovely cathedral and fantastic restaurants.”

She adds: “All the year round, there is something going on for people to take an interest in, with markets and festivals and all sorts of lovely things. And of course the people are so nice and friendly.”1

However, the city hasn’t always been regarded quite so highly – it made a surprise appearance in the first Crap Towns book in 2003, placing fifth behind Hythe and ahead of Liverpool.


Searching for Happiness? Try Northern Ireland

Searching for Happiness? Try Northern Ireland

Searching for Happiness? Try Northern Ireland

If you’re looking to move house or buy an investment property for happy renters, then look to Northern Ireland rather than Derbyshire.

Co Fermanagh and Omagh have been named the happiest places to live in the UK, according to a study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Bolsover, in the East Midlands, was found to be the unhappiest area.

But those prone to worrying should avoid Pendle in Lancashire, which was ranked the most anxious place on the list.

The ONS warns that the data suggests a “growing inequality”1 between those who rate their lives highly and those reporting low levels of happiness.

1 Unknown (2015) ‘Moving home? It’s fun in Fermanagh’, Metro, 24 September, p.15























The Worst Place to Live in the UK

Published On: August 11, 2015 at 4:57 pm


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It may be the most affordable borough to live in within the capital, but Barking and Dagenham is the least happy place to live in the country.

It has the cheapest property prices in London, but Barking and Dagenham scored the lowest in five of Rightmove’s 12 criteria to judge residents’ happiness. The area came at the bottom of a list of 130 spots.

Barking and Dagenham was voted the worst for community, area upkeep, safety, amenity and neighbourliness.

Separate research earlier this year also found that Dagenham is Britain’s most burgled town.

Darren Rodwell, Barking and Dagenham Council leader, says: “I find this report quite amusing, as we have just had tens of thousands of people coming to a series of events celebrating 50 years of our borough.

“This was the largest community celebration of its kind in London and as a result, we even had Her Majesty the Queen coming here a couple of weeks ago to see our fantastic borough and residents.”

He says the area is ready for growth and development, stating: “London is moving east and we are at the heart of it.”1

The north Yorkshire town of Harrogate was voted the happiest place to live for the third consecutive year, coming first for area upkeep, pride and safety.

At the bottom of the list were Hounslow, Brent, Harrow and Newham, indicating that high house prices in London have a negative impact on locals.

Of all London boroughs, Richmond was rated the happiest.

Traditionally, house prices are higher down south, but Barking and Dagenham’s average price of £225,455 is much lower than Harrogate’s £277,049.

Top 10 happiest places to live in the UK



1 Harrogate
2 Shrewsbury
3 Ipswich
4 York
5 Chester
6 Inverness
7 Llandrindod Wells
8 Hemel Hempstead
9 Watford
10 Blackpool

Top 10 unhappiest places to live in the UK



1 Barking and Dagenham
2 Hounslow
3 Brent
4 Harrow
5 Newham
6 Tower Hamlets
7 Greenwich
8 Luton
9 Hillingdon
10 Haringey



Harrogate is the Happiest Place to Live

Published On: August 6, 2015 at 12:46 pm


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Harrogate is the Happiest Place to Live

Harrogate is the Happiest Place to Live

The north Yorkshire town of Harrogate has been named the happiest place to live in Great Britain for the third consecutive year.

Rightmove’s annual Happy at Home index asks residents to rate their local area on 12 criteria, which are combined to create a happiness score for 130 locations around the country.

The index revealed that Harrogate residents feel safe, proud of their home and happy with the town’s general upkeep.

Shrewsbury is in second place and Ipswich in third. Inverness is the happiest place to live in Scotland, Llandrindod Wells in Wales and Richmond in London.

Miles Shipside of Rightmove, says: “To come top of our Happy at Home index three years in row is no mean feat and we’ll be expecting a spike in people having a look on Rightmove to see what they might be able to afford to buy or rent in the Harrogate area.”

However, he cautions: “Anyone who is thinking of making a move there should bear in mind that property asking prices are higher than the national average, so perhaps it’s well worth a look at the below national average places of Shrewsbury and Ipswich, that make it into second and third place.”1

See Rightmove’s Happy at Home index in full here: