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Importance of Wifi in properties is highlighted

Published On: March 10, 2017 at 12:57 pm


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An interesting new survey from Principality Building Society has revealed the traits of many first time buyers, which landlords should take into account when trying to attract tenants to their property.

The survey reveals that these buyers would prioritise connecting to Wifi and securing a flat-screen television before having a sofa to relax on!


In the investigation which quizzed 2,000 first time buyers across England and Wales, results reveal that 70% would prioritise a Wifi connection when moving in. This compares to just 40% who would look for a sofa.

Once moved in, the survey showed that 26% of first-time buyers would turn to DIY guides rather than ask mum or dad! 30% would go straight to an expert if something went wrong in the property, but 56% said that tasks such as stripping wallpaper could be done themselves.

Importance of Wifi in properties is highlighted

Importance of Wifi in properties is highlighted

Talking about the findings, Customer Director at Principality Building Society, Julie-Ann, said: ‘As a nation, we’re are so interested in getting online and that can often be the first thing on our minds when we’re working, travelling or even when we’ve just moved into a new home, picking technology over getting the house actually feeling like our own.’[1]

‘And once we’re hooked up to the web, online tutorials are changing the way we do our houses up, with first time buyers turning to digital guides over their DIY dads. But ultimately, purchasing your first home is a really exciting milestone and first time buyers across the country can now start to make their house feel like a home,’ she added.[1]