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Record Month for Student Lettings in January, Reports Agency

Published On: February 14, 2017 at 9:25 am


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Online student letting agency has reported a record month for student lettings in January.

Record Month for Student Lettings in January, Reports Agency

Record Month for Student Lettings in January, Reports Agency

The firm experienced strong growth in property uploads, viewings and bookings over the past month.

The latest data from StudentTenant shows that property searches on the student lettings site rose by a whopping 75% in January.

Property requests were five times the average in January, highlighting the trend of students booking properties almost nine months before they move in.

The record-breaking number of confirmed bookings and lettings followed a surge of demand, as students rushed to secure housing for the next academic year.

In addition to its record month for student lettings, StudentTenant saw an increase in traffic in the final quarter of 2016, as students rushed to find a home. The firm’s data indicates that property searches were up by 74% and landlord sign ups by 22% in November, as both parties prepared for the January rush.

Figures also suggest that students were twice as likely to sign up to StudentTenant in November and December, as they began their search for properties for the next academic year.

The Managing Director of the student lettings site, Danielle Cullen, says: “It’s been another brilliant month for us. We’re extremely happy with the performance of StudentTenant over the past year, especially in January, as our team has been working extremely hard to keep up with the surge in demand. Figures reveal that January is the busiest time of year for students searching for properties, so it’s extremely important for us to get landlords on our site before demand peaks.

“The trend to book property so early is a long-standing tradition in a lot of UK cities, which can be both positive and negative for students. Booking somewhere with a group of people so far in advance means a lot can change in terms of both relationships and financial stability, so we always encourage students to make an informed decision before they secure somewhere.”

She adds: “2016 was a fantastic year for us, and our record requests and bookings are yet more great news. Our continued growth in the UK is underpinned by a heavily growing market, which is very exciting to be a part of.”

Landlords, have you seen a surge in student lettings already this year? If not, you should be putting your properties on the market soon!

Top places for university property investment revealed

Published On: September 10, 2015 at 2:44 pm


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With the new academic year here once again and with many students returning to University for another semester full of hard ‘work, leading online estate agent has uncovered the best locations to invest in a student property.

e.Moov’s University Property Index gives each university an index score assessed on how they perform against the average UCAS entry requirement in relation to the typical average property price in the area.

Northern rules

Results from the investigation show that the North of England and Scotland are top of the list, with eight of the top ten scoring universities. A UCAS entry level requirement of 547 points, coupled with an average property cost of £214,735 sees Durham top the list, with an eMoov index score of 102.[1]

Coming in second was Strathclyde with an index score of 96. Manchester took the final podium position with 90, with Edinburgh (89) and Warwick (84) making up the top five.[1]

Nottingham (84), Lancaster (83), Leeds (82), St Andrews (80) and Aberdeen (79) completed the top-ten. However, the soaring prices of property in London has seen its universities fair poorly in the Index. Of 117 universities involved in the study, 15 of the 17 outside of the top 100 are located in the capital.[1]

Just four of London’s universities made it into the top 100, but interestingly, were all awarded a negative index score. The universities were namely Queen Mary’s in 94th place and with a score of -30, the London School of Economics (96th, -37), East London University (96th, -37) and Kings College London (100th, -74).[1]

Bottom of the class

At the other end of the scale, the worst performing University in the Index was the Imperial College London, despite having a large UCAS entry points requirement of 568. The colossal property prices in London SW7 gives the University a cost per entry point of £3,361, 368% more than the study average. This results in an eMoov Property Index total of -309%.[1]

The age-old battle between Oxford and Cambridge saw the former come out on top, ranking at number 13 with Cambridge lagging behind in 19th.

Another survey of 1,000 homeowners from eMoov found that 70% would be interested in buying a solid investment property, if it meant their child could establish themselves on the property ladder.[1]

Top places for university property investment revealed

Top places for university property investment revealed


‘Sending your kids off to university can be a joyful occasion for many parents and is often the first time they fly the nest to fend for themselves,’ observed Russell Quirk, founder and CEO of ‘What with the recent increase in university fees and the cost of living, it can also be an extremely expensive time for parent and student alike, as the debt begins to pile up.’[1]

Quirk believes that, ‘this study shows which universities offer the best level of degree, but also an affordable property price, should you want to invest in a house for your child, or even as a uni-let for yourself.’[1]

Concluding, Mr Quirk said that, ‘students are certainly an easy target where the high street letting agent is concerned and it is common practice for agents to strip them of their hefty deposits, for even the most minor of reasons. Not only does buying a university property avoid this but it also provides a future home should they stay in the chosen city for work, or a great money making opportunity renting to future students.’[1]

The top-twenty universities in the Index were found to be:

eMoov Index Rank Institution Average House Price Average UCAS Entry Point Property Price Per Entry Point eMoov Uni Property Index
1 Durham  £214,735 524  £      409.49 102
2 Strathclyde  £161,099 476  £      338.16 96
3 Manchester  £126,212 435  £      290.08 90
4 Edinburgh  £203,958 484  £      421.31 89
5 Warwick  £223,314 482  £      463.11 84
6 Nottingham  £138,972 428  £      324.93 84
7 Lancaster  £ 153,591 436  £      352.52 83
8 Leeds  £152,349 431  £      353.23 82
9 St Andrews  £305,294 517  £      590.17 80
10 Aberdeen  £186,733 446  £      418.31 79
11 Newcastle  £ 156,318 424  £      368.41 78
12 Exeter  £222,572 463  £      480.41 77
13 Oxford  £435,590 573  £      760.72 77
14 Cardiff  £167,826 427  £      393.50 76
15 Liverpool  £ 151,077 404  £      374.14 72
16 Dundee  £160,202 410  £      391.21 72
17 Leicester  £ 141,031 386  £      365.37 68
18 York  £ 224,175 437  £      512.63 66
19 Cambridge  £568,495 602  £      944.34 65
20 Teesside  £  58,421 306  £      191.23 65