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Rogue HMO Landlord in Brent is Fined Again

Published On: July 3, 2015 at 11:57 am


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Rogue HMO Landlord in Brent is Fined Again

Rogue HMO Landlord in Brent is Fined Again

A landlord, who was the first to be fined in the North West London Borough of Brent for owning an unlicensed House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), has been fined again after owning an overcrowded and dangerous property.

Douglas Gerard-Reynolds packed 16 people into a six-room rental house, just months after he was ordered to pay £2,500 due to a lack of license. His second property, in Willesden Green, was also unlicensed.

Willesden Magistrates’ Court heard that not only was the six-room property severely overcrowded, the ceiling was also hazardous with the potential to collapse and electrical wiring was dangerous.

Gerard-Reynolds was given a fine of £6,500, and ordered to pay costs and other charges totalling £2,143.

However, this was not his first offence. In April, he was the first landlord to be fined due to a lack of HMO license for another property. This home also had poor heating facilities and water leaks. He was issued a fine of £1,000.

Councillor Margaret McLennan, Brent Council’s Lead Member for Housing and Development, says: “This is exactly why we introduced the landlord licensing schemes this year; to protect people who rent in Brent.

“This case should serve as a deterrent to any landlords who are dragging their feet when asked to apply for a license. The licensing scheme is vital for the protection of vulnerable tenants, many of whom are unaware of their housing rights.”1