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Top 10 rental trend predictions for 2022

Published On: January 7, 2022 at 9:36 am


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The team at property management company Quintain Living have put together their rental trend predictions of what tenants will look for in a new home during 2022.

1. Outdoor space

After nearly two years of restrictions, 2022 will see renters continuing to prioritise outdoor space, according to the Quintain Living team.

2. Indoor space

It’s not just the great outdoors that renters will want spend time in next year. The great indoors is also, understandably, now top of many people’s priority list. Spacious homes with interiors that encourage relaxation will be a top trend for 2022.

3. Space to work from home

Many of those who began working from home due to the pandemic have decided to continue doing so, or to split their time between home and the office. This has led to a notable increase in single occupants renting two-bedroom apartments, so that they can use the second bedroom as a home office.

4. The 15-minute neighbourhood

Convenience is going to be a top trend in 2022, with renters looking to find everything they need within a 15-minute walk.

5. Community

Our sense of community has shifted since the pandemic began and that newfound appreciation for one’s neighbours looks set to continue as we enter 2022.

6. Pet-friendly homes

With the Government’s model tenancy agreement now changed to remove the blanket ban on pets, 2022 is likely to see a steep rise in the number of people demanding pet-friendly homes and facilities.

7. Covid-safe shared spaces

Though we’ve come a long way over the past couple of years, precautions are still very much welcomed when it comes to Covid. As such, we can expect demand for features such as touchless entry, contactless deliveries, and readily available sanitiser to continue into 2022. Those operating rental properties will need to continue to offer residents a safe environment and to stay on top of changing Covid protocols, as we’ve learned this winter.

8. Smart tech

From keyless entry to smart appliances to resident apps, 2022 will see a greater push towards technology, making life easier in the rental sector and championing resident engagement in growing rental communities.

9. Green features

Inspired by COP26 and the ongoing pressure to do better when it comes to the environment, renters are upping their demands when it comes to eco-friendly features and will continue to do so in 2022. From double glazing to electric vehicle charging points to solar panels on roofs, renters want greener homes.

10. Flexible leases

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over that past couple of years, it’s that plans can change. As such, renters are going to be looking for a lot more flexibility when it comes to their tenancy agreements. Some may want the stability of commitment to a home for three or more years, while others will be seeking something for a shorter length of time. Those providing rental homes will need to ensure they build flexible lease terms into their offering.

Top ten rental market trend predictions for 2021

Published On: January 6, 2021 at 9:10 am


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Quintain Living, the London property management company, has shared its top rental trends and reasons for renters to be optimistic about 2021:

1. Greater confidence for renters brought about by vaccine news

As 2020 drew to a close, Quintain Living started to see a rise in renter-demand following the vaccine announcement. They say it’s a renter’s market, meaning that landlords offering quality space, service, and amenities may benefit from growing consumer confidence and increased demand from those tempted into rental through market uncertainty.

2. More space sought out

Quintain Living is seeing increasing demand from single occupancy residents looking to boost their space, with a notable rise in three-bedroom apartment leases amongst this group.

3. A place to party 

The company believes that the restrictions on socialising we experienced last year will push demand for insta-worthy indoor and outdoor social spaces. They expect summer 2021 to see the return of the party and accommodation designed with that in mind, will thrive. 

4. 15-minute neighbourhoods

Localism is a big trend they expect to continue in 2021. Quintain Living has found that Wembley Park is one of London’s hottest creative neighbourhoods with a curated community of independent and artisan restaurants, retailers and recreation spaces who have nurtured communities digitally, during lockdown, helping drive positive advocacy scores amongst residents. 

5. A rental renaissance

Leasing is a future-forward choice, the company says, seen by many conscious consumers to be a cool and connected way of accessing a covetable lifestyle without costing the earth. Renters in 2021 want more than just a great apartment – they want the added benefits renting can bring which may otherwise be inaccessible, such as their own concierge, climbing walls, rooftop cinemas, private play parks and gardens, or stylish clubhouses to meet friends for coffee or cocktails.

6. The finer things

Quintain Living points out that students graduate and move away from their onsite ‘everything’s done for them’ facilities and time-poor young professionals just want to move in without hassle and time delays in getting essential services sorted. As such, there is a much greater expectation from renters to have everything ‘ready to go’ in the apartments they choose to live in. This applies to all ages – from 20-something flat sharers and young families to more mature residents who instantly want to access the benefit of connected urban living. 

7. The dog days are over

2020 saw a boom in lockdown-pet demand with Google reporting record number of pet related searches. As office workers slowly gear up to blended home/office working, the prediction is that more people will want access to parks and trails, as well as ancillary pet-friendly services like doggy day-care and grooming. 

8. Green fingers

Search for outdoor space sky-rocketed last year, and 20 million novice gardeners took to their plots but in London, waiting lists for allotments can run to seven years. 2021 will be a year of growth and reconnection with nature, so renters will seek more than balcony gardening.

9. Mind, body and world

Quintain Living predicts that carefully curated spaces with attention to multi-sensorial design and a strong sense of community will top renters’ wishlists. Homes that offer head space – whether that’s to relax, recharge or reconnect with what’s really important, will be highly covetable. 

10. Postcodes to be proud of

HA9 is a postcode that style-shapers are already starting to talk about. Nestled at the heart of Brent, London’s Borough of Culture 2020, the property management company believes it’s a community of bright sparks with a positive future.

Sarah Tinsley, Marketing Director of Quintain Living, comments: “Despite the uncertainty of 2020, the UK rental market is resilient. With more time spent at home than ever before, renters are rightly becoming more discerning and not prepared to compromise. This consumer-led demand, fuelled by a lot of uncertainty in the world, will lead more people who have not considered renting before, to do so, and it will be those landlords that champion truly meaningful innovation, that will thrive.”

Predictions and Forecasts for the Rental Market

Published On: August 31, 2012 at 5:14 pm


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Recent reports have provided extremely welcome reading for buy-to-let investors. Indications suggest that due to increasing rents, recovering property prices and low interest rates, investors can expect profitable returns on their investment during the next 13 years.

Just what does the future hold for the buy-to-let sector?

Rent hike

Statistics from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) indicate that rental prices have risen by 4.3% over the previous 12 months.[1] RICS believe that this is due to the fact that mortgages for potential homeowners are still difficult to achieve.

In addition, RICS predict a 3.9% increase in rent prices over the next year, believing that demand for rental accommodation will climb, with supply remaining even.[1]

Indications also suggest a regional differentiation in rent prices. For example, rental prices rose by almost 7% within the North West of England during the last 12 months.

Predictions and Forecasts for the Rental Market

Predictions and Forecasts for the Rental Market


Rental price hikes are worrying a number of industry figures. Peter Bolton King, Global Residential Director at RICS stated: “While tenant interest is still riding high, what remains to be seen is whether many are willing to meet the increasing rents being demanded by landlords.”[1]

Bolton King went on to say: “It is clear we have seen rents grow steadily right across the UK for some time. This is partly down to the problem of the scarcity of mortgage finance and the large deposits required by lenders.”[1]

Future estimates

Industry forecasts for the future of rental and property markets predict a 2% increase in house prices until the year 2025. Forecasters suggest that there will be a marked shortage in supply of privately rented accommodation, when demand returns to its pre-recession level at the back end of this decade.[1]

It does however seem to be the premium time for landlords to extend their existing portfolios. With house prices rising, landlords able to extend in the present climate could reap the rewards in future years.

However, John Hawskworth, Chief Economist with PricewaterhouseCoopers, urges caution: “Housing is a potentially risky asset as recent experience makes all too clear.”[1]