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Tips for moving home in silly season!

Published On: December 4, 2015 at 10:53 am


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Bells are jingling. Mince Pies are being devoured. Mulled Wine is being prepared. Boxes lay waiting to be unpacked. Removal men haul more in to the living room.

Ok, so moving house isn’t exactly top of everyone’s idea of the festive season, but by following just a few easy tips, a seasonal move can be made much less stressful.

Wish-list for a magical Christmas move

  • Plan ahead

If using a removal company during the holiday period, be aware that the run-up to Santa coming down the chimney is notoriously a busy time for everyone. Many companies could also be short-staffed due to Christmas holidays.

  • Use Christmas cards to tell friends about a change of address

Caution: This may or may not lead to them buying a Christmas and new home gift!

  • Organise packing in advance 

When moving, it is important to make sure things that are likely to be needed immediately as packed as late as possible, to ensure they are first off the van at the new address! In addition, early packing reduces the chances of taking unwanted items, which could be a lovely donation to charity ahead of the festivities

  • Check the forecast

Particularly when moving in Winter, people should check the weather forecast to make sure that Jack Frost and his friends can’t cause havoc and drive them crackers!

  • Be smart about presents

The last thing people moving house around silly season want is to pack more things then necessary. This is why it is a good and simple idea to give loved ones vouchers as a present. What’s more, this could save relatives forcing themselves to look pleased at unwanted gifts!

Tips for moving home in silly season!

Tips for moving home in silly season!

  • Keep valuables secure

With the excitement of the festive season, it can be easy to be too nonchalant about keeping valuables safe. Homemovers should ensure that things such as passports, jewellery and other important documents are put in a safe place.

  • Look forwards to summer

This might sound daft wrapped in coat, scarf and thermals but people moving home in Winter should make sure that all outdoor furniture being transported to their new home is clean and free of seasonal weather offerings…

  • Let there be light

Moving house in Winter can take place mostly in the dark, so be prepared to take torches and spare lightbulbs.

  • Food, glorious (pre-prepared) food 

The last thing that movers will be thinking about when finally in their new home is doing a big shop. Booking an online delivery will be another weight off the mind…as will placing a takeaway menu in close proximity on the first night!

‘For many of us, moving house can be a stressful experience at the best of time-let alone at Christmas,’ said Head of Harrison Murray estate agents Su Snaith. ‘However, with some consideration and planning, you can keep stress levels at a minimum and your spirits high-and think about celebrating Christmas in your new home.’[1]




Property Market Drops as Christmas Nears

Published On: October 25, 2013 at 3:22 pm


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The amount of people looking to buy in the property market generally decreases in November, as people turn their attention to planning for Christmas.

As a result, buy-to-let investors can often find good deals at this time, as sellers are desperate and there is little competition.

However, a second Help to Buy scheme may have the same impact as the first, on the property market. This could mean higher than ordinary demand in the coming months, and could make it difficult to close deals at a low price.

Property Market Drops as Christmas Nears

Property Market Drops as Christmas Nears

The second scheme will be different from the previous system, however. The first scheme related only to new build houses with purchase prices under £600,000.

For buyers, this would mean that, considering they have a 5% deposit, the Government would pay up to 20% of the property’s value to the developer, making a 75% loan-to-value mortgage a necessity.

This lower-level lending was made possible by Help to Buy, alongside cheap loan rates from the Funding for Lending Scheme.

The new scheme aims to help lenders offer 95% loan-to-value mortgages. This will aid the purchase of second-hand homes of under £600,000 value.

The lender will be required to pay the Government a fee as protection against the buyer not paying the mortgage. In this case, they will be able to claim back up to 15% of the loan from the Government.

Despite the scheme being well publicised, this second instalment may not be as effective as the first, unless lenders reduce their interest rates.

With current rates on 95% mortgages around 5.5%, those under the new scheme will be just 0.5% lower. This means that the buyers who already have a 5% deposit can afford the existing rates and will possibly already be on the property ladder.

From a buy-to-let viewpoint, the new scheme looks likely to have little impact on the market.

For well-off landlords, there are expected to still be many opportunities for new investments in the next few months.