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Special Gifts for Property Lovers

Published On: December 18, 2015 at 12:00 pm


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If you have a friend or relative whose home is their pride and joy, a gift for their property is likely to go down a treat this Christmas.

Here, we’ve picked out some special presents that will be perfect for all the property lovers out there!

Bake off

Special Gifts for Property Lovers

Special Gifts for Property Lovers

Do you have a keen baker in the family? If so, kitchen gods and goddesses will love anything they can use to whip up a festive treat – why not try some snowflake cookie cutters or some Christmas cake tins to store their goodies?

Smell the coffee

Nowadays, a basic coffee maker just won’t do – for serious coffee fans, there are machines out there that can be programmed to make your favourite beverage just as you’d like it. Perfect to wake up to after the party period!

The sights and smells

Who doesn’t love the many smells of Christmastime? From gingerbread baking to fresh, pine branches – there’s always that one smell that gets us into the festive spirit. Choose from a variety of Christmas scented candles to spread the joy through someone special’s home.

Rockin’ around…

We know all the words, we hum the tunes as we decorate the tree… who doesn’t secretly love Christmas songs? If you have a music-loving friend, give them a gift they’ll cherish with a 1950s-style wireless radio. You can even buy them with line-in sockets, making them perfect for the modern man or woman.

Bring out the bubbly

Does one of your friends host the best Christmas parties? They’ll certainly have the most glamorous affair when they use their new set of sparkling champagne flutes. Make sure they celebrate in style this festive season.

Shake it

There’s always an inventor in the family, someone who wants to mix up a unique concoction for you to try. Fuel their inner bartender with their very own cocktail shaker set. What could possibly go wrong