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The features most wanted by UK renters looking for a new home

Published On: February 13, 2020 at 9:21 am


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Results from yieldit’s latest survey have revealed what UK tenants look for when searching for a new home to rent.

This survey sought out the responses of 500 renters in a bid to understand the changing demands of the market and to help educate the investors that yieldit works with.

According to the data they received, the top three features most wanted by UK renters are:

  • An outdoor space, such as a garden, terrace or balcony – 43%
  • Space for parking – 34%
  • Modern interiors – 28%

The features that are of least importance to renters in the UK have been revealed as:

  • A concierge service – 2%
  • An on-site gym – 3%
  • The latest technology – 5%

Bizaarely, a quarter of respondents (25%) stated that there were no particular features they looked for when searching for a new rental home.

21% specified features that were not on the list. This includes local schools, the energy efficiency of the property, local pubs, and pets being allowed.

Ryan Hughes, head of sales at yieldit, said: “Unsurprisingly, factors like affordability and location remain the key drivers for someone choosing a property, but features are becoming increasingly important to tenants.

“As the quality of rental properties coming to market improves, renters are becoming more discerning. Luxuries like integrated smart technology and amenities such as concierge and on-site gyms are becoming more commonplace and expectations are rising.

“If landlords want to achieve high yields, they need to sit up and take notice of what tenants want – it’s that simple.”

Dream features of property revealed

Published On: July 31, 2015 at 9:15 am


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New research from Leeds Building Society has revealed the dream property for people living in the UK.


According to the questionnaire, a three bedroom, two bathroom detached period property would be the perfect dwelling for 48.5% of respondents. 52.4% said that they would like to live in a home with three bedrooms, with 74.3% going as far to say that this is a minimum requirement.[1]

76.2% of people questioned in the survey said that one bathroom would not be enough, with over half (56.2%) stating two bathrooms is a priority.[1]

When choosing a property, the top feature was found to be location, with 72.9% saying this was most important. 68.5% said that the size of the property was the most significant feature and 61.7% gave the largest priority to a garden or outside space. The layout of the property was considered imperative by 56.2% and off-street parking was of paramount importance to 53.1%.[1]


Further data from the research shows that buyers were most likely to compromise on good interior decoration. 28.7% said that they were prepared to overlook this and 23.6% said they would also overlook period features. 21.5% commented they could do without a new kitchen or bathroom and 21.2% were unconcerned about the property layout.[1]

Dream features of property revealed

Dream features of property revealed

However, the biggest turn off for potential purchasers was no garden, with 35.3% that they could not buy a home without one. 14% said they could not operate without a drive, 10.9% didn’t feel they could live with an old heating system and 9.4% cited they couldn’t live in a home with stairs in the living room.[1]

‘When home ownership appears to be a national obsession and there’s a mind boggling choice in types of properties to purchase, it’s perhaps surprising that our survey discovered so many people share the same view of what makes their dream home,’ observed Martin Richardson, Leeds Building Society’s general manager for business development.[1]


Director of business development for e.surv Richard Sexton, feels that it should not come as a surprise that the major selling points of a property are those that cannot fundamentally be altered.

Sexton noted that, ‘it’s relatively easy to redecorate, but impossible to move a building from one location to another. The findings reflect the fact that house hunters are generally aware of the difference between these categories and take a long term view on changeable factors to ensure they get their preference on the fundamentals.’[1]