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Crisis Urges Public to Protect Homeless Young People

Homelessness charity Crisis is calling on the public to protect housing benefit for young people, after the Government proposed restricting the payment.

Crisis Urges Public to Protect Homeless Young People

Crisis Urges Public to Protect Homeless Young People

The majority of young people can either afford to rent or live with their parents, but many cannot. Some must escape violent or abusive homes and sometimes there is not space for them in the family home.

Housing benefit ensures they have a roof over their heads.

You can get involved and support Crisis’ campaign to protect housing benefit for young people. Crisis has written a message that you can send to your MP. Complete the form and make a change here:

The Government’s plans could have huge consequences for thousands of young people.

The leading cause of homelessness in this age range is not being able to live with parents. Ministers claim that they will protect those with nowhere else to go, but it is very difficult to identify when someone is out of options, until it is too late.

Being homeless can have a terrible effect on your life. Research has revealed that if someone has been homeless when they are young, they are likely to become homeless again and have poor health for many years.

Housing benefit provides support when a young person is moving to find work; if they lose their job, they won’t lose their home. If a person’s parents live in an area with little job prospects, removing this support will give them even less options and could cause long-term unemployment.

This is why Crisis is urging the Government to ensure that all those who cannot live with their parents and are at risk of homelessness are protected.




Housing Benefit Cuts are Causing a Crisis

Published On: May 15, 2015 at 3:20 pm


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Over 11,000 tenants were evicted from their homes in the first three months of the year, the Government revealed.

Charities are warning that single-parent families are being particularly affected, and cuts to housing and other benefits are causing a crisis.

Housing Benefit Cuts are Causing a Crisis

Housing Benefit Cuts are Causing a Crisis

However, work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, says that the policy has been successful and he plans to reduce maximum benefits further. Of the 58,000 households capped since 2013, 22,000 are no longer affected, as claimants have been encouraged to find work, he claims.

He adds: “Even with the cap, lone parents can still receive the equivalent of a £34,000 salary in benefits. We have given local authorities about £500m to support those families who might need extra help.”1

The amount of people who have lost their homes indicates that 2015 could be worse than 2014, when a record 42,000 were evicted.

Campaigners said that the situation could get worse after Mr. Duncan Smith revealed plans this week to cut the maximum benefit claim per household to £23,000; a £30,000 salary after tax. Overall, he will reduce welfare by £12 billion.

Housing charity Shelter’s Campbell Robb says: “Sky-high housing costs and welfare cuts are leaving people battling to keep a roof over their heads. Families are living in fear that losing their job or becoming ill could bring the bailiffs knocking at the door.”1

Single parent’s charity Gingerbread’s Octavia Holland concludes: “Reducing the cap will be devastating and people will not be able to continue living in their communities.”1

1 Yeatman, D. (2015) ‘Housing benefit cuts start to bite’, Metro, 15 May, p.1

Not Enough Homes for Those Downsizing

Published On: July 28, 2012 at 4:48 pm


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The Government is proposing a reduction in benefits from next April. They also wish to make the social sector and the private rental sector equal, and make more large homes available to families on councils’ waiting lists.

Their plan is to decrease benefits to tenants who have a spare room in their social housing.

Not Enough Homes for Those Downsizing

Not Enough Homes for Those Downsizing

A councillor in Stoke-on-Trent stated that their council is looking to covert care homes and city council buildings into one and two bedroom flats to create smaller homes.

Those who are able to work and live in social accommodation could see drops of £14 per week if they have a spare room in their house. The plan could potentially affect 660,000 people.

Landlords are researching ways to secure their rental income, and help their tenants continue renting by searching for different incentive schemes for tenants to downsize.

However, the Government has stated that there are not enough small houses available for those who will be hit by the proposal.

Janine Bridges, Cabinet Member for Housing, Neighbourhoods and Community Safety, says: “We don’t have enough one and two bedroomed properties to house people if they decide to downsize.

“Social landlords are also frightened and have serious concerns.

“It will impact on our budget as we have to make provisions for our tenants if that’s what they want and we just do not have the housing stock.

“We’re going to have to look at care homes and other buildings being converted into one and two bedroomed accommodation. We can’t build houses fast enough.”1