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The Front Door Colours Most Likely to get your Property Sold/Let

Published On: July 3, 2017 at 8:08 am


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Something as simple as painting your front door can have a huge impact on how easy it is to sell/let your property. So which front door colours should you choose?

Landlords looking to get their property let quickly and for a good rent price can also use the tricks used by estate agents to sell a house, which will boost rental yields.

The Front Door Colours Most Likely to get your Property Sold/Let

The Front Door Colours Most Likely to get your Property Sold/Let

Aside from figuring out your finances, de-cluttering the home and being competitive with rents, there’s one thing that could help you shift your property more quickly and get you a higher offer from tenants.

Most homebuyers/tenants form their first impression of a property within seconds, so kerb appeal is vital when trying to get your property let. According to a band of estate agents, the right front door colours could make all the difference.

Property expert Sarah Beeny explains: “Front doors are the first thing potential buyers see and first impressions really do count, so I’m a huge advocate of making them look brilliant when preparing a home for sale.

“In terms of on-trend colours, there’s two routes – bright or muted. Bright yellow, pink and turquoise are all huge at the moment, and can really transform a property from drab to fab, giving it the wow factor buyers look for.”

She adds: “Then there’s the more traditional, muted colours which are really popular, including deep blue, dark grey and sage green. These colours are timeless and create an impression of grandeur, which buyers love.”

However, some of the nation’s most respected agents believe there’s more to it than just picking a colour.

Country Life reports that the shade that will sell/let your property is completely dependent on where it’s located.

For those that live in country villages, they advise avoiding paint altogether. Instead, the experts suggest a slick of varnish on bare wood, to complement the natural environment.

Or, if your home is by the sea, choosing a colour that matches the ocean will fare best.

Likewise, those who live in the chilly north or inner city Victorian terraces can be bolder with their choices, as creating a cheery entrance is key.

“Extreme colours only work for the few; orange, lime green and pink are all out there, but are not likely to have a broad appeal,” says the Head of Savills’ Country Department, Lindsay Cuthill.

That being said, whatever shade you decide on, revamping your front door colours can make your properties irresistible to potential tenants.

Cuthill adds: “If you want to get the maximum price for your home, it’s time to get the paintbrushes out and make your front door a real centerpiece that buyers will love.”