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Britons Don’t Admit Breaking Items in the Home

Published On: July 5, 2015 at 12:32 pm


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Two out of five Britons do not take responsibility for breaking an item in the home, revealed new research.

55% would try to repair what they had broken and 40% would buy a replacement without telling anyone, found the study by Direct Line.

Accidental damage is most often blamed on siblings, with over one in five people admitting to blaming a brother or sister. This is followed by partners, who are blamed in 18% of these situations.

Britons Don't Admit Breaking Items in the Home

Britons Don’t Admit Breaking Items in the Home

Meanwhile, women are more likely to blame someone or something, with 22% confessing to this, compared to one in seven men.

But do not be surprised if you have broken something this week, as 1st July typically records a 60% rise in accidental damage claims, compared to the annual average.

Direct Line Home Insurance’s Katie Lomas, says: “Accidents happen and are often unavoidable consequences of our busy lives. However, with ever increasing numbers of expensive gadgets and furniture in homes, this can mean people are faced with hefty costs to fix or replace items.

“If you accidentally spill coffee on your partner’s laptop or your drop your phone down the loo, with the right insurance, you needn’t worry too much.”1

The cost of home insurance is decreasing, with figures reported in the first three months of this year revealing a sharp fall in the average premium quoted on a new policy.

The British Insurance Premium Index found that the average quote for a combined home buildings and contents insurance policy declined by 3.6% (£6) to £158.66. In 12 months, the typical shop-around quote for a combined policy dropped by 9.6%, almost £17.

The shop-around average is calculated by using the five cheapest quotes for each customer in a nationwide selection of risks and based on prices from direct insurers, brokers and price comparison sites.

Research also found that the cost of a buildings policy fell by 3% in the first quarter (Q1) of 2015, to £112.74, equating to 10.1% in a year. The cost of a contents policy decreased by 2.3% to £60.28 in the same time, equivalent to 8.2% in 12 months.