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Architects Attempt to Solve London’s Housing Crisis

New London Architecture has shortlisted 100 proposals for solving the housing crisis in London, by providing desperately needed homes in the capital. Here are a few ideas:

Buoyant Starts by Floating Homes and Baca Architects


Through this project, 7,500 fixed-placed affordable, floating starter homes would be developed on underused parts of London’s canal and river system. The designers would expect the pre-fabricated and customisable homes to be completed in six to 12 months.

Floatopolis by drMM

Floatopolis is another idea for using London’s waterways as housing, reclaiming the River Thames to create water neighbourhoods, including housing, lidos, open-air cinemas, workspaces, cafes and schools.

Community Led Intensification by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios (FCBS) 

FCBS’s plan for increased housing is a community-led development that also creates local positivity. Community members would identify development opportunities in the city through an app.

Ministry of Densification of Suburbia (MODS) by Hal Architects

MODS focuses on London’s fringe areas, but aims to keep current communities together. Homeowners would partner with a development firm to build on underused land in each of the city’s outer boroughs.

Living Arteries by Benjamin Marks

In Greater London, over-ground railways take up 1,522 hectares, but Marks believes this space could be used for housing: “If we built over even a quarter of this at 140 homes per hectare, it would be possible to deliver over 53,000 homes on land currently not considered available for use.”1

The Streets by NBBJ 

This team developed the Circle line travelator plan and is now proposing replacing some of London’s roads with rows of new houses. There are 9,000 miles of streets in the capital and changing some of the road networks could create more pedestrian-friendly areas and community spots.

Y:Cube by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

In partnership with the YMCA London South West, this housing solution offers self-contained and affordable starter accommodation for young people who have previously been without a permanent home. Find out more here: /ymca-launches-accommodation-project-for-homeless-people/

Rooftop (Re)Generation by Bell Phillips Architects

In this plan, pre-fab modular housing is added to the flat roofs of post-war housing estates, which the designers claim are forgotten and could be utilised to deliver more homes. The number of properties on existing estates could rise by around 30%, while open space will be left untouched.

[nest] by Stride Treglown

Also through rooftop modular housing, this project would see homes added to existing retail surface car parks with ten-year licenses. Locals would qualify for tenancies via loyalty cards, by spending money in local shops.