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The Office is the Least Used Room in British Homes

Em Morley - December 13, 2016

The office has been named the least used room in British homes, knocking the dining room off the top spot, according to new research conducted by Ocean Finance.

The Office is the Least Used Room in British Homes

The Office is the Least Used Room in British Homes

The study found that the office sees less action than any other room in British homes, with more than a third (37%) of respondents admitting that their family spends the least time in there.

Previously consistent at the bottom of the tally, the dining room now ranks as the second least used room in the home. Once a place where families would enjoy quality time together each evening over dinner, use of the dining room is still dwindling. However, with Christmas now less than two weeks away, more families may be making use of the room yet again.

When it comes to spending time together, households are more likely to do so in front of the television. Almost seven in ten (68%) said their family spends the most time in the living room.

Landlords should take the research into account when renting out a property – it may be worth converting an office into another bedroom, knocking the kitchen through into the dining room to create a more open space, and focusing on making the living room as comfortable as possible.

The spokesperson for Ocean Finance, Ian Williams, says: “An office in a house is a favoured attribute when buyers are looking for a new home, however, the reality is that it is more than likely to be used as a large storage cupboard, barely entered into, than its original purpose.

“The same could be said for the dining room. Not that long ago, the dining room was the main place the family would assemble, to enjoy a meal as a family at the end of the day or to eat a hearty family breakfast at the weekend. However, today, this space has fallen into disuse in many homes across the UK.”

He adds: “Christmas could be the one exception to the rule, as families usually decide to celebrate the festive occasion by eating together in a more formal space than the kitchen-diner or living room – will there be a revival in your home?”

Remember that many British homes are being rented from private landlords, so focus on what families are looking for to secure happy and reliable tenants.