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Waterfront Properties the Priciest

Published On: August 5, 2012 at 2:42 pm


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Waterfront Properties the Priciest

Waterfront Properties the Priciest

Properties situated along the waterfront cost 56% more than inland homes in the UK, a survey has revealed.1

The research also found that some waterfront homes require premiums of up to 300%.1

Many homeowners in the UK would love to live near a river, lake, or on the coast, however the cost of doing this reflects the high proportion of dreamers.

This comes despite the greater risk of flooding, and consequent larger home insurance premiums.

The study also discovered that slipways can add an average premium of 128% to a house, a mooring 117%, a pontoon 108%, access to a private beach 93%, a jetty 77%, and to a sea view, 51%.1

The survey also explored how much premiums are around the world, and revealed that houses on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah see the biggest increase for waterside properties, at 75%.1

Within the UK, there are proposals to develop Battersea Park near the River Thames into 3,400 new houses and the first public park built in central London in the last 150 years. This indicates the level of power waterside and park properties have.

It would appear that, despite the risks of a waterside location, they are still the most sought after areas.