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Tenants in East Midlands most satisfied with landlord

Published On: March 13, 2016 at 10:16 am


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New research has indicated that tenants in the East Midlands are most satisfied with their landlord, compared to all other regions of the country.

A survey from the National Landlords Association found that 83% of renters in the region are satisfied with their current landlord. Renters in the North West and South West were almost as content, with 82% in these areas stating that they were satisfied.

Regional reflections

Data from the report shows that there are sharp regional differences in terms of tenant satisfaction. Only 67% of renters in the North East said that they were content, which represented the lowest rate in the whole of England.

In total, an average of 79% of tenants who replied to the poll said that they were satisfied with their landlord. The South East recorded a satisfaction rate of 80%, followed by the West Midlands with 79%, Yorkshire and Humber with 73%, London 72% and the East with 71%.

Richard Lambert, chief executive officer of the NLA, said, ‘good landlords make up the majority of the market so it’s not surprising that the majority of tenants are satisfied.’[1]

Tenants in England most satisfied with landlord

Tenants in England most satisfied with landlord

Far from insecure

‘Private renting is far from the insecure, uncertain and unhappy picture that it is often made out to be and these findings will help to reassure existing renters and those looking to make their home in the private sector. However, it doesn’t help the minority of tenants who are dissatisfied,’ Lambert continued.[1]

Concluding, Mr Lambert said, ‘the NLA provides a range of training and accreditation opportunities for landlords in order to help them develop and improve standards so they can provide a better service but this is only part of the solution. Both central and local Government must also commit more resources to tackling poor standards and weeding out bad landlords.’[1]