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Pet-Friendly Rental Homes

Published On: October 19, 2012 at 5:03 pm


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TV presenter Jasmine Harman, who hosts the Channel 4 programme A Place in the Sun, has launched an appeal for more pet-friendly rental accommodation in the UK.

Pet-Friendly Rental Homes

Pet-Friendly Rental Homes

Jasmine rents out properties herself, and is a keen animal lover. She has teamed up with the Dogs Trust to request more landlords accept pets, particularly dogs.

The campaign, titled Ask, Add, Advertise, is aimed primarily at letting agencies. The Dogs Trust have found that more than 70% of landlords are happy to accept pets in their properties, however some letting agents do not verify with landlords if they are willing to allow a pet.

About half of people in the UK have a pet, and one in three people renting have struggled to find rental accommodation that allows them to have the pet in the house.

Jasmine and the Dogs Trust are pushing a pets considered attitude. Many landlords may still be reluctant to allow pets in all cases, but this approach would mean that each case is looked at separately.

Tenants may also be able to increase their chance of living with their pet by providing a higher deposit at the beginning of the agreement. They could also get a pet reference from their past landlords.

The campaign may gain a stronger following due to the fact that many people now have to rent instead of buying their own homes. Jasmine says: “As a pet-friendly landlord myself, I am delighted that Dogs Trust is looking after the interests of renters with pets.”1