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More landlords rely on property for pensions

Published On: November 30, 2012 at 10:04 am


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Landlords are beginning to see their property portfolio as their pension, new findings from BM solutions and BDRC continental suggest.

470 landlords were questioned for the survey in the final two weeks of September this year. The report shows that 80% of landlords see their property as an additional income to their pension fund.[1] 60% of landlords questioned in the survey also said that they are planning to live off the rental income generated by their portfolio.[1] A small number said that they would look to sell off their properties when they came to retire.

More landlords rely on property for pensions

More landlords rely on property for pensions


38% of landlords questioned said that they had looked at other sources of income to supplement them in retirement. Of this number, a third said that they chose to enter the buy-to-let market believing that it would offer the most substantial returns.[1]