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Overseas-based landlords increase interest in UK property

Published On: November 12, 2019 at 10:19 am


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Overseas property investors are increasing in the UK, according to new figures from Hamptons.

This latest data reveals that the proportion of homes in Great Britain let by overseas-based landlords has increased to 11% over the first 10 months of 2019. This is up from % during the corresponding period last year.

The proportion of homes let by overseas-based landlords: 

Source: Hamptons International

Aneisha Beveridge, head of research at Hamptons International, said: “The proportion of homes let by overseas-based landlords rose for the first time in more than nine years. The East and London recorded the biggest increases.”

The depreciation of sterling is thought to be the main reason for this increase in interest from those overseas, as it is not cheaper for international buyers to acquire property IN Great Britain than it was a few years ago.

The average home in Great Britain cost £53,065 or 23% less than it did in 2014 for a US dollar buyer – solely due to a fall in the value of the pound. 

Beveridge added: “Sterling’s depreciation has made investment property in Great Britain more attractive to international investors. The average home cost 23% or £53,065 less than in 2014 for a US dollar buyer, solely due to the currency changes.

“Rental growth in the South outstripped rental growth in the North.  Rents in Great Britain rose 2.2% in October, but rents in the South East rose 3.9% compared with a -0.6% fall in the North.  This was the first annual rental fall in the North for 17 months.”

 The proportion of homes let by overseas landlords by region & currency depreciation discount: 

Source: Hamptons International

Hamptons’ data also reveals where these overseas landlords are based:

Source: Hamptons International

On top of this, it shows that the average rent of a newly let property in Great Britain has increased to £999 per calendar month (PCM) in October. This is up 2.2% on the same period last year.

Rental growth is looking particularly good for the South, with average rent prices increasing by 3.9% in the South East, 3.8% in the East and 3%in the South West.

In comparison, the north of England was the only region to show a drop, with rents at -0.6%.

Average Rents of new lets (PCM): 

Source: Hamptons International

Overseas property investors buy in London

Published On: January 19, 2012 at 10:04 am


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The Chief Executive of a London asset management company suggests that the demand from overseas investors for property in London continues to be high. Naomi Heaton of London Central Portfolio thinks that foreign investors are still and will always be interested in the capital’s property market.

Wealthy investors looking to invest in the U.K property market gives a strong indication that the market is still strong, Heaton suggests. London remains the prime location in the U.K for foreign investment.

Overseas property investors buy in London

Overseas property investors buy in London


Why London?

Heaton is of the opinion that the U.K and particularly London is seen as a safety nest for foreign investors’ cash. Ms Heaton thinks that this is due to the fact that the U.K property market is not embroiled in the Eurozone crisis, nor caught in any other property market struggles.

Ms Heaton proclaims that, ‘London Central is increasingly seen as a safe haven market which offers capital preservation with long-term upside potential. Additional benefits are the continuing weakness of sterling in relation to other major currencies, particularly the Chinese Renminbi and the low rate of interest costs in the UK.’[1]

London Boom

The increase of residential values across London in 2011 is expected to be confirmed statistically in due course. This upward trend in value is expected to continue in 2012, with other regions remaining behind London.