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New rental listings slide in September

Published On: October 19, 2016 at 9:56 am


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A concerning new report from crowdfunding platform Property Partner has revealed that around four in ten large UK towns and cities in Britain saw a fall in buy-to-let listings in September.

The investigation looked at rental listings in 89 locations, analysing the number of properties listed between 1st-28th September, then compared to figures recorded in August.


Research from the platform showed that 36 towns and cities saw a decrease in rental supply during September. Of these, 29 also saw a fall during August.

Grimsby saw the largest drop in new rental listings in the last month, seeing a decline of 26%. Oxford (-24.4%), Canterbury (-23.9%) and Brighton (-18.7%) also saw significant falls. This said, no region was unaffected by a shortage of supply.

London saw new rental listings rise by 1.43% in the last month, showing a significant rise from August, when supply fell by 16.4%. Other large British cities, Manchester and Birmingham, saw new listings slide by 13.04% and 13.69% respectively.


Dan Gandesha, CEO of Property Partner, observed: ‘You’d expect a seasonal drop off in the number of new buy-to-let properties coming onto the market during August but September has also proved worryingly slow. We’ll have to wait until next month to determine whether this is just a short-term problem or something to be increasingly concerned about.’[1]

‘The new stamp duty hike in April for buy-to-let and second homes saw a rush by landlords to beat the deadline with a subsequent rise in stock levels. But now that the dust has settled, we’re seeing some significant declines in new listings, particularly surprising after the Summer. Earlier this month, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) warned of a critical rental shortage. Traditional landlords have been given a proverbial cold bath with recent tax change announcements. The hike in the stamp duty surcharge in April has certainly discouraged landlords from increasing their rental portfolios,’ he continued.[1]

New rental listings slide in September

New rental listings slide in September


Mr Gandesha wonders if many landlords will continue in their role past next year. He notes: ‘Alongside tougher lending criteria and cuts to mortgage interest tax relief starting next year, many landlords will be now doubting if it’s worth the hassle, particularly in the South East. Profits have been hit hard and those landlords that decide to stick with it, may just be forced to push up rents – not a promising prospect for tenants.’[1]

‘Like RICs, we believe Britain should be building more homes across all tenure types. Over the past decade, more and more people have moved away from home ownership and become long-term renters. It’s time for the new government to make build-to-rent a key priority, encouraging the private sector to build properties for residential letting with incentives for institutional and ‘professional’ landlords,’ he concluded.[1]


New rental listings rise by 11.5% in April

Published On: May 13, 2016 at 10:43 am


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There was an 11.5% rise in new rental properties being listed in April, as the results of the pre stamp duty rush were absorbed.

Research conducted by Property Partner examined the total number of new rental properties being advertised in the last month, in comparison to March. The analysis looked at results from 90 towns and cities across Britain.

The study found that in 82% of these locations, there was a rise in the number of new rental listings.

Regional rises

Worcester saw the greatest rise in new rental listings, seeing a surge of almost 48.9% during the last month. Chelmsford saw an increase of 38%, Stevenage 36.4% and Southport 34.4%.

Of the major towns and cities, London saw a 9.1% rise in new property listings during April. Birmingham saw the greatest rise of the larger cities, recording an increase of 20.7%. In Manchester, there was a rise of 14.3%.

The table below indicates the towns and cities in Britain that experienced the largest rise in new rental listings in April:

Town/City Region % increase in new rental property listings
Worcester West Midlands 48.9%
Chelmsford East 38.0%
Stevenage South East 36.4%
Southport North West 34.4%
Telford West Midlands 32.3%
Cheltenham South West 30.3%
Watford East 29.4%
Bath South West 29.3%
Newport Wales 27.0%
Woking South East 26.8%
Gloucester South West 26.4%
Milton Keynes South East 24.7%
Oxford South East 24.5%
Oldham North West 23.3%
St Helens North West 22.5%


New rental listings rise by 11.5% in April

New rental listings rise by 11.5% in April


Dan Gandesha, CEO of Property Partner, noted, ‘the rental market experienced a much-needed boost in April. Unfortunately, this was created by investor frenzy to beat the stamp duty hike and supply is unlikely to continue on an upward trajectory.’[1]

‘If anything, options for tenants could become more limited in the next couple of months as traditional landlords balk at the prospect of paying the surcharge now and losing mortgage interest tax relief from next year. There is still strong tenant demand but the Government has changed the traditional buy-to-let landscape and this will have ramifications for the rental market longer term. That demand will increasingly have to be met by professional landlords like Property Partner, offering tenants a better product and investors a better deal,’ Gandesha concluded.[1]