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London Councils Building Homes Outside Capital

Published On: June 12, 2015 at 9:18 am


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The housing crisis has reached new levels in London, with borough councils planning to build homes outside the capital, as “there isn’t enough space.”

London Councils Building Homes Outside Capital

London Councils Building Homes Outside Capital

Westminster City Council has drafted a housing strategy, explaining proposals to partner with other councils and build property outside London in an attempt to keep up with demand for affordable housing.

The document says that the City Council hopes to work alongside other town halls to build homes out of the capital, “helping address London’s chronic housing shortage.”1

Cabinet Member for Housing, Regeneration, Business and Economic Development, councillor Daniel Astaire, says: “We cannot meet all our housing needs within the city’s boundaries – there isn’t enough space and what there is, is among the most expensive in the UK.

“Pressure on housing in central London is unprecedented and enormous. No one local authority acting alone can solve this very complex problem.

“We will take a lead in working with other boroughs and the Mayor to develop some fresh ideas, and I hope this draft strategy will start the debate.”1

In April, The Independent revealed that over 50,000 households were secretly sent out of London boroughs in the last three years.

Wandsworth Borough Council was recently accused of social cleansing after sending a letter to tenants encouraging them to move from London to Birmingham. Read more here: /london-council-accused-of-social-cleansing/.

Astaire continues: “We are a council of action, not words. This year we’ll lay foundations for 350 new homes as part of an investment of over £60m to provide more high quality homes. We can, and will, do more.”1