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Nearly one in five MPs are landlords

Published On: July 24, 2017 at 11:39 am


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Interesting new research has revealed that nearly one-fifth of MPs are landlords.

Some of the 123 MPs that have invested in property include chancellor Philip Hammond, Boris Johnson, Emily Thornberry and Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow.

MP Landlords

The research was conducted by Channel 4’s FactCheck, with the issue of landlord MPs coming to prominence again in the wake of the Grenfall Tower tragedy.

Some critics suggest that those who have a financial stake in the private rental sector could have a conflict of interest when it comes to making important decisions.

During the last Parliament, a law that would require private landlords to make their properties, ‘fit for human habitation’ was rejected by 312 votes to 219. However, it transpired that 72 of the MPs that voted against the Private Members Bill were landlords themselves.

Laura Pidcok MP told the press that, in her opinion, ‘anyone who is a landlord should not be able to vote on legislation affecting landlords,’ as, ‘it is a complete conflict of interest.’[1]

‘The people of Grenfall Tower have had their concerns repeatedly ignored and it is part of our long history as working class people to have our concerns ignored,’ she added.[1]

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Nearly one in five landlords are MPs


A FactCheck statement said: ‘Clearly, there is the potential for a conflict of interests. MP landlords can vote on housing legislation, speak in debates and hold ministerial positions, so long as they declare their interests. But are MPs actually swayed by their financial affairs in any sizeable numbers? Putting figures to this is incredibly hard.’[3]