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Priorities of homebuyers are changing

Published On: June 8, 2017 at 11:49 am


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Fresh research from GoCompare Home Insurance has revealed that the importance of ‘location, location, location’ for property hunters is on the decline.

Instead, the survey indicates that when choosing a property, the focus is now moving to a good broadband connection.

Changing Values

The report uncovered that the most desirable features for homebuyers are a good neighbourhood, with low crime rates and good access to shops, schools and GP.

In addition, the survey discovered would-be homebuyers are increasingly valuing superfast broadband, a good mobile-phone signal and satellite TV.

The top-ten most desirable home location and facilities features were found to be:

Most desirable home location/facilities %
1 A good area or neighbourhood 66
2 An area with a low crime rate 59
3 Good proximity to local shops 51
4 Near a good GP or dentist surgery 44
5 A good, reliable broadband connection sufficiently strong to stream TV and films 43
6 Reliable and clear mobile phone signal 42
7 Superfast broadband 39
8 A land-line telephone 33
9 Bus, tram or underground stop nearby 31
10 Satellite TV 27
Priorities of homebuyers are changing

Priorities of homebuyers are changing


Changing Factor

Ben Wilson, from GoCompare Home Insurance, noted: ‘Location will always be a key factor for homebuyers. After all, while you can improve a property – you can’t move it.  But it is too simple these days to say that it is the only consideration.  Homeowners also expect to be connected in a way that wasn’t envisaged even 10 years ago. They will want to know about the transport infrastructure and communications as much as the schools, shops and amenities.’[1]