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Bid to overturn council licensing fails

Published On: May 20, 2015 at 2:42 pm


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An attempt to block a new council ruling regarding selective licensing for private sector landlords has been unsuccessful.

As a result, all private rental properties in Rotherham, Dinnington and parts of Maltby will require a five-year licence, which will cost up to £625. Rotherham council has implemented the scheme in order to try and improve standards in their part of the sector.


The challenge to the scheme came from the Rotherham Action Group, a company founded by landlords within the town centre. However, its campaign came up short, after a judge ruled that the council acted, ‘rationally and proportionately,’ by launching the scheme. Even worse news for the group is that they are now faced with a bill of £23,128 to cover the council’s legal costs.

Bid to overturn council licensing fails

Bid to overturn council licensing fails


Following the outcome of the ruling, all landlords of private rental properties within the areas mentioned must gain a licence for every home that they own. These licences will last for five years, with reductions on cost offered for landlords that have already had their properties sufficiently safety checked.

Campaigners are said to be unhappy after a similar scheme proposed in the London borough of Enfield was thrown out by the High Court. Additionally, just a single landlord took legal action in Enfield, accusing the council of failing to sufficiently communicate with the appropriate people before taking action.


It is unsure whether the group plans to appeal.