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Landlords in Court

Published On: January 21, 2015 at 12:31 pm


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After several cases involving buy-to-let and Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) landlords, we review the court cases affecting the sector.

Cornwall Council

In Penryn, Adam Penpraze confessed to failing to comply with an improvement notice to his buy-to-let property. The notice related to repairing a damaged roof, caused by storm damage.

The tenant claimed that water leaked through the roof, and the ceiling subsequently collapsed, Bodmin Magistrates heard.

Landlords in Court

Landlords in Court

Penpraze received a fine of £700, and was ordered to pay £1,628 in costs.

James and Janet Smyth, from Helston, admitted that they failed to comply with an improvement notice, regarding health issues due to excessive cold in their buy-to-let house in Camborne.

The couple were given an 18-month conditional discharge and were ordered to each pay costs of £681, by Truro Magistrates.

Owner of a Chinese restaurant in Perranuthnoe, Jin Ming Cao, confessed to six HMO management offences at Truro Magistrates Court.

The offences related to ten tenants living in a seven bedroom flat above the Chinese restaurant, involving fire safety, and lack of a gas safety certificate, and HMO licensing.

The landlord was ordered to pay fines and costs of £24,000.

Enfield Council

Evangelos Evangelou, 38, of Edgware, North London, received a sentence after being convicted of offences regarding a conversion of a house into bedsits, without planning permission.

He was fined £7,500 at Wood Green Crown Court and was ordered to pay costs of £6,914. He also had £125,000 confiscated under the Proceeds of Crime Act, to ensure he did not make a profit from renting out the unauthorised conversion.

If Evangelou does not pay the fine within six months, he will face a 27-month jail term.

Salford Council

Liam Kelly, from Newbridge, County Kildare, Ireland, was convicted in his absence by Manchester Magistrates Court, for not repairing his rental property in Salford.

The court heard that the home did not have adequate fire safety equipment, and was damp.

Kelly was fined £4,000, and ordered to pay costs of £1,180.

Waltham Forest Council

Shiraz Khan, from Walthamstow, East London, was convicted by Stratford Magistrates Court, for converting a house into two flats without planning permission, after he pleaded not guilty.

He was then fined £5,000, and ordered to pay £1,678 in costs.

Oxford City Council

In Garsington, Oxford, Jeffeth Latchman, 49, admitted to letting out an unlicensed HMO, and to five HMO management offences regarding the same property.

The unlicensed property was found when a tenant complained of poor living conditions, including a cockroach infestation.

Oxford Magistrates ordered Latchman to pay a fine of £4,500, and £815 in costs.