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Who Makes Better Tenants?

Published On: August 10, 2012 at 2:41 pm


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Who Makes Better Tenants?

Who Makes Better Tenants?

Who makes better tenants, men or women? 57% of landlords think that gender changes what type of tenant they will be letting to, reveals a study.1

Online letting agency Upad conducted the research, and found that there was no clear preference among their respondents for men or women. However, their reasons for favouring either sex were correspondent to typical gender stereotypes.

The landlords that prefer female tenants said that they are generally more tidy and clean than males, resulting in their properties being left in a good condition when the tenancy ends.1

They also believe that women will take more care over outside space, and create appealing gardens that help let the property in the future.1

Maybe down to their attention towards the property, landlords who favour women say that these tenants are also more likely to continue letting the property for longer periods. They also claimed that females pay their rent on time better than males.1

For the landlords who would rather have a male tenant, they think that men are more likely to complete minor maintenance tasks themselves, without relying upon the landlord to do them.1

These respondents also found that men are typically less demanding than women, and are therefore easier to communicate with.1

It would appear, that if both groups of landlords are correct, then rationally it would be most ideal to let to a couple, who would compliment each other in being the best tenants.