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Illegal immigrant facing deportation after attack

Published On: May 26, 2015 at 4:39 pm


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An illegal immigrant tenant has been sent to prison and faces deportation following an attack on his landlord in a property in Wolverhampton.

Rashid Bomedian, a Moroccan national, punched and kicked the property owner in his rented accommodation, before throwing a bowl of spaghetti over the landlords’ head. Mr Bomedian was said to have carried out the attack after his landlord had reported him to the authorities, following Bomedian returning home with a stolen bicycle.


Last Thursday at Wolverhampton Crown Court, Mr Bomedian was sentenced to eight months behind bars, before being told that he would be deported on his eventual release.

The court heard that the Moroccan had stolen the bike after an altercation with its rightful owner outside a restaurant in the city on February 17th. Mr Bomedian’s landlord subsequently called the police and the tenant was arrested at the property. However, Bomedian was somehow able to flee the scene, despite being tasered.

Mr Howard Searle, prosecuting on behalf of the landlord, said that officers, ‘tasered,’ Mr Bomedian, ‘but he still got away. This allowed him to return to the address and confront the homeowner later that day.’[1]

On returning to the property, Bomedian attacked his victim, causing the landlord to suffer bruises, a swollen cheek and a cut lip. Additionally, he then stole the landlord’s mobile phone and then used a mattress to try and block off the front doorway. He was finally arrested and taken into police custody later that evening.

Illegal immigrant facing deportation after attack

Illegal immigrant facing deportation after attack


Mr Bomedian’s defence team said that their client had come to the UK three years previously, after escaping persecution within North Africa. Defence lawyer Stephen Cadwalader, said thatm, ‘he wanted to make a better life for himself. Things were not good for him there. When police tried to arrest him he realized he hadn’t got a legitimate passport so he ran off.’[1]

Despite Bomedian later admitting causing actual bodily harm, escaping custody and theft, the judge was less than sympathetic. On sentencing, Judge Michael Challinor said that, ‘you will serve half of your sentence and then I anticipate you will be deported.’[1]