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Landlords Avoid Legal Action due to a Pioneering Service

Published On: May 16, 2012 at 10:48 am


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The property industry will be transformed by the Home Log Book, an inspection that will deliver the most thorough examination of a home ever made.

The Institute of Specialist Surveyors and Engineers (ISSE) is launching the Home Log Book in an effort to protect private and public sector landlords from pricey legal action if their tenants do not property care for their property. They are advising all landlords to sign up for a property inspection.

Properties can become damp and mouldy if condensation develops in the house. Tenants drying their laundry on radiators, using unventilated tumble driers, not opening their windows, or not using central heating could cause this.

Despite the law stating that landlords are not responsible if this occurs, most landlords find it difficult to prove that the tenants are to blame if the case goes to court. This leaves the landlord with huge legal and repair bills.

Landlords Avoid Legal Action due to a Pioneering Service

Landlords Avoid Legal Action due to a Pioneering Service

ISSE trained and certified surveyors will conduct an in-depth inspection of a property, which will determine the competence of ventilation, for an arranged fee.

They will also check for other possible issues, for example, hazardous structural materials, identify security features, and assess the probability of external environmental impact, such as flooding.

The ISSE then provides the customer with a complete breakdown and report on the interior and exterior of the property. They will pinpoint any corrective work that is needed, and offer quotes from professional tradespeople.

The Home Log Book is then put onto a cloud-based storage system for future reference, along with supporting documents and guarantees.

It is not just landlords who can benefit from the surveys, however.

Those looking to improve their house, prospective buyers, or tenants about to sign an agreement can profit from having any hidden problems uncovered.

Chairman and Fellow of the ISSE, William Kidd, says: “By investing in a Home Log Book, landlords will have documented evidence of the condition of their property which, should there be any issue with their tenants, they could produce in court.”1

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