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Termite Troubles

Landlords must ensure that their property is fully free of termites before renting out to potential tenants.

Termites prefer living in moist soil. They can prove helpful in eradicating dead plants and trees but can be highly disruptive when moving from the great outdoors into a home. Moreover, most insurers will not pay out for damage caused by these troublesome creatures.


Termites can become winged during warmer months but they choose to nest out of site, which could cause problems for under-prepared landlords. As such, landlords should conduct thorough inspections before contemplating letting their property.

Termite Troubles

Termite Troubles

The insects also like to seek refuge in warm, humid locations, such as an uncovered crawl space. Termites like to feed on decaying wood and plant life and where possible, prefer warmer materials, such as under a hot pipe or leaking taps.

Damage from termites is caused by them moving through soft wood and other materials. Soft lumbar is seen as a particularly treat for hungry termites. Tell-tale signs that an infestation of termites may be present in a property are damaged wood, sagging ceilings, termite droppings and mud tunnels towards the base of the house.