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Keep your property safe this Winter

Published On: December 14, 2015 at 12:51 pm


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As Autumn turned to Winter, there were precious few people looking forwards to the months of cold, dark nights.

However, November and December typically see burglars licking their lips. During this time period, burglaries across Britain rise by an average of 25% each year, with Christmas gifts their main target.

Homeowners and tenants alike then must make sure they follow key guidelines in order to keep their properties safe from these mindless few.

Keeping your property safe

‘As the night’s draw in, burglars are likely to try and take advantage of the darkness,’ observed Steve Coyle, Operations Director at Edinburgh based property management specialist Cullen Property. ‘To prevent the upset and damage caused by break-ins, both owners and tenants can take a few simple measures to make their home safer, especially if they are planning to go away for a few days.’[1]

8 top-tips for keeping property safe during the dark nights are:

  • Lock up properly

This sounds obvious but a surprising number of burglaries occur as a result of a homeowner or tenant not fully locking doors or windows. Yale or mortice locks should be used where possible. In addition, leaving keys out under a doormat or plant pot are also leading to more break-ins. Police figures show 6,000 burglaries during 2014 involved intruders using keys to enter a home.

  • Don’t assume

Those living in top floor flats or above the ground floor could assume that their property is safe. However, burglars are undeterred by location and go to often extreme measures to target certain homes. Regardless of location, owners and tenants should make sure their homes are secure.

  • Safeguard Valuables

If a householder or tenant knows that they are going to be away from a property for a considerable period, they should look at taking jewellery, laptops and other expensive items with them.

Keep your property safe this Winter

Keep your property safe this Winter

  • Secure windows

By closing all property windows and making sure all latches are attached, people can drastically reduce the chance of burglars being able to gain access to the home.

  • Let there be light

People living in a property should put lamps on a timer when they are out to give the impression there is someone in, particularly in the afternoons and evenings.

  • Store inside

Things such as bikes that are commonly left outside or in a communal stair should be brought inside the property. Landlords should also check their landlord insurance to check what things are covered on their policy.

  • Get a little help from friends

When away from a property for a considerable amount of time, people should ask their landlord, a neighbour or friend to check on the property while they are away.

  • Don’t broadcast that you aren’t there!

Another obvious one but don’t broadcast holidays or trips away on social media, unless you are confident your posts can only be seen by trusted friends!