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The Places with Such Rude Names that You Won’t Want to Buy There

Published On: May 28, 2016 at 8:55 am


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All landlords want their property to be as attractive to prospective tenants as possible, but could a rude place name put them off? These are the locations that you won’t want to purchase a buy-to-let property…

Fanny Barks, Brown Willy and Scratchy Bottom are just a few of the locations that have been named some of Britain’s most shocking place names.

While there are many hilarious destinations throughout Britain, a list of the most amusing names has been revealed by insurance provider Swiftcover.

Bell End in Lickey End – a hamlet in Worcestershire – has been awarded the top spot, while Brown Willy in Cornwall is a close second. Boggy Bottom in Hertfordshire has taken third place.

Twatt in Orkney, Scotland and Nob End in South Lancashire follow these laughable locations.

The outrageous place names were revealed when Swiftcover asked 2,000 Britons to vote for the locations that draw the biggest laughs.

Completing the top ten is Fanny Barks in Durham, Minge Lane in Worcestershire and Dicks Mount in Suffolk.

The list includes four ‘bottoms’ and many other rude references, such as Fannyfield, Cockplay and Honey Knob Hill.

If you’re trying to avoid naughty names, stay away from Dorset, as it has the most entries on the list, with Scratchy Bottom, Happy Bottom and Shitterton.

Those ranking at the bottom of the 30-strong list include Pratt’s Bottom in Kent and Lickers Lane in Merseyside.

Although the following list might make for some jovial reading, it’s probably not a good idea to put tenants off before they even step foot in your property!

Britain’s top 30 rudest place names

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