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Benefit Cut Could Make More Young People Homeless

Published On: August 5, 2015 at 9:59 am


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Thousands of vulnerable young people could become homeless due to the Government’s plans to cut housing benefit payments to unemployed 18-21-year-olds, warns the YMCA.

The youth charity houses around 1,400 young people in supported accommodation who would be affected by the change. The YMCA believes that the policy won’t save much money for the taxpayer, but cause instability for young people who have left family breakdowns and abuse.

Benefit Cut Could Make More Young People Homeless

Benefit Cut Could Make More Young People Homeless

It states: “The Government could be in danger of inadvertently taking away support from the young people who need it most, and in doing so, exposing many more vulnerable young people to the risk of becoming homeless.”1

The Government insists that its plans to end entitlement to housing benefit for unemployed youngsters will take away the incentive to leave home and live off benefits.

The policy would affect all new claimants after April 2017 and is predicted to save £135m over four years, according to Government estimations detailed in the Budget.

But some groups are exempt, including care-leavers, says the YMCA. Once these costs are considered, alongside the added costs to public services for dealing with increased homelessness, the net savings are likely to be only £3m.

Chief Executive of YMCA England, Denise Hatton, comments: “In seeking to tackle those small numbers taking advantage of the system, the Government is in real danger of inadvertently taking away support from some of the country’s most vulnerable young people.

“In removing automatic entitlement to housing benefit, young people could face the prospect of losing not only a safety net, but also a springboard that helps get them up and get their lives back on track.”1 

A Department for Work and Pensions spokesperson claims: “This report is deliberately misleading, since we have been very clear that vulnerable young people, including care-leavers and people with children, will be exempt from this policy.

“We want to make sure young people get the support they need to move into work and do not slip straight into a life on benefits.”1

The Government is expected to exempt care-leavers, those with dependent children, disabled youngsters who cannot work and young people who have been working for six months before claiming.

Before exemptions, the YMCA says that 19,000 young people currently claim Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) and housing benefit, equivalent to under 1% of housing benefit claimants.

It argues against this group chasing a lifestyle choice, saying that almost three-quarters claim for less than six months, indicating that it is used as a short-term safety net. JSA is £57.90 per week and the average housing benefit payment is under £75 a week.

The YMCA points out that the amount of 18-21-year-olds claiming both entitlements has halved in the last two years and is decreasing faster than any other age group. Over two-thirds of 18-21-year-olds live at home with their parents, and this proportion has grown over the last decade.






LHA Cuts make Letting Unaffordable for Landlords

Published On: April 21, 2012 at 9:11 am


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Over half of landlords can no longer afford to rent to housing benefit tenants, due to cuts to the allowance, revealed a survey by the National Landlords Association (NLA).

LHA Cuts make Letting Unaffordable for Landlords

LHA Cuts make Letting Unaffordable for Landlords

53% of landlords think that the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) reductions have made it too expensive to let to those on the benefit.

Almost half of respondents (46.9%) believe that tenants under the age of 35 will suffer the most from the changes, and around 69% of landlords claimed that they cannot see themselves renting to LHA tenants in 2015.

The cuts to the LHA has resulted in the maximum rent benefit payments reduced to the 30th percentile of local average market rents, previously it was the 50th percentile.

The age of tenants on benefits qualifying for more than a single bedroom in shared housing has also increased from 25 to 35. This will drive many more into shared homes.

Chairman of the NLA, David Salusbury, says: “It’s concerning that so many landlords appear to be planning to withdraw from the LHA market within just three years, as they can no longer afford to let their properties to tenants at the reduced benefit rate.

“In view of the pressures on housing, the private rented sector will inevitably play an increasingly important role in providing housing to LHA tenants, particularly those aged under 35 who aren’t able to access other housing.

“It is vital that local authorities work with landlords to provide the support services needed to help this demographic, as many are forced to move into shared accommodation.”1