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London’s top boroughs for pet owners revealed

Em Morley - September 30, 2019

Being able to rent and being able to own a pet are two parts of life that often don’t overlap. Many landlords are put off by the thought of an animal causing excess wear and tear to their property, in the past landlords could ask for a higher deposit, but since the tenant fees ban, this is no longer allowed. Many landlords now charge extra rent for pets or don’t allow pets at all. 

New research by has revealed that most renters continue to have difficulty finding pet-friendly accommodation, but through their own research, Sell House Fast has released a list of the most friendly London boroughs for pet owners.

The top 5 most pet-friendly London boroughs: 

Kensington and Chelsea


Tower Hamlets



In contrast, the research also unveiled the top five least pet-friendly London boroughs. 

The top 5 least pet-friendly London boroughs: 

Waltham Forest

Barking and Dagenham

City of London

Kingston upon Thames


Unsurprisingly, the most common pets in the UK are dogs with 25% Brits owning one, followed by cats with 17%, both noticing a 1% decrease from the following year.

The percentage of households with other pets include: Rabbits (1%), Indoor Birds (1%), Guinea Pigs (1%), Hamsters (1%), Tortoises and Turtles (0.7%), Lizards (0,6%), Domestic Fowl (0.4%), Snakes (0.4%), Horses and Ponies (0.3%), Gerbils (0.2%), Rats (0.1%), Ferrets (0.1%), Insects (0.1%), Pigeons (0.1%) and Frogs and Toads (0,1%).