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Zoopla sending record leads to members

Em Morley - July 9, 2015

Zoopla Property Group has experienced an excellent start to 2015, with the firm delivering a record number of leads to its agent members. This occurs through a tool that allows home-owners to reach local agents for a valuation.

Since the turn of the year, potential vendors and landlords have provided in excess of 135,000 enquiries to Zoopla member agents requesting appraisals. This figure represents a rise of 40% from the same period twelve months ago and the enquiries are thought to be worth around £100m in fees.[1]

Increased usage

‘Home movers are increasingly using our websites to identify and select local agents for valuation purposes,’ said John Notley, commercial director at Zoopla Property Group. ‘Any agent not on our platform and therefore not visible in our unique appraisal tool will be losing out on these valuable leads and instructions as well as missing out on insight into those in their local market who are looking to move.’[1]

Isolated keys with Leasing tag.

Isolated keys with Leasing tag.

‘The record level of appraisals leads and instructions we are delivering once again highlights the exceptional value we offer our members,’ Notley added.[1]