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Tory manifesto promises to abolish Section 21

Em Morley - November 28, 2019

The NLA has slammed the Conservative Part manifesto after it was revealed that they will continue with plans to abolish Section 21 evictions. They believe that the conservatives are not doing enough to support landlords or the private rental sector (PRS) as a whole.

In a move that many see as a positive, Boris Johnson reaffirmed on Monday that his party will bring an end to ‘no-fault evictions’ in an effort to help ‘generation rent’ by empowering them.

However, the NLA has hit back at these proposals, with CEO Richard Lambert saying: “The Conservatives claim that the changes announced in the manifesto will ‘create a fairer rental market’, but fairer for whom? 

“To say that we are disappointed that the Conservatives have pledged to continue with their plan to abolish Section 21 is an understatement. Despite a robust lobbying campaign on behalf of the two million landlords in the UK, the Conservatives seem hell-bent on continuing to punish hardworking and law-abiding landlords.”

The conservatives are also planning to further help renters by introducing the Lifetime Deposit Scheme, which will allow deposits to be transferred from one property to another without leaving them out of pocket whilst waiting to be reimbursed from landlords.

Again, Lambert is sceptical: “We will reserve judgment on the so-called ‘lifetime deposit’. The Conservatives have yet to confirm what this will look like or how this will work in practice.

“The NLA cannot get behind a manifesto that so badly cripples landlords’ ability to run a functioning letting business.”