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More Landlords Fined Over HMO Breaches

Em Morley - November 25, 2015

A couple has been found guilty of 26 offences regarding a rental property. They have been ordered to pay £26,822.

More Landlords Fined Over HMO Breaches

More Landlords Fined Over HMO Breaches

Dr. Kola Akindele and his wife Vanessa were prosecuted by Boston Borough Council at Skegness Magistrates’ Court.

They had denied all charges, but presiding magistrate Kevin Moody stated that he did not believe the reasons Mrs Akindele gave for how the property came to be in such a poor condition.

Mrs Akindele blamed the flood of December 2013 for the rental property’s state.

Magistrates were told that the property was operated as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), but it was not licensed and did not have fire detection equipment fitted.

Additionally, there were problems with water penetration through a flat roof, damp and hazardous electrical systems.

Moody said that the fines reflect what could have happened at the property; serious injury or even death of tenants.

Dr. Akindele did not give any evidence.

In a separate case, a landlord was fined £7,300 over safety breaches.

Sheffield City Council brought the case against John Cashin for offences relating to four properties.

The landlord pleaded guilty to charges regarding safety breaches and for failure to license two of the properties as HMOs.

It is believed that he manages 28 properties and is described as a professional property manager.

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