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‘Harry Potter’ room to rent in Manchester

Em Morley - November 24, 2015

Tenants are being invited to live like Harry Potter by applying to live in a tiny room in Gorton, Manchester.

The room, advertised on house share website, is tucked away underneath the stairs and is available to rent for £380 per calendar month.

Home ‘comforts’

Would-be tenants will find a bed in the cramped space, with a shelf area to store personal belongings. Hardly magic by any standards!

Alongside a wardrobe (of sorts), the potential lodger gets access to a shared living room, bathroom and broadband, as well as a kitchen and garden.

Should anyone be interested in renting the ‘room,’ they will be sharing with two women, aged 40 and 41, with interests in music and gaming.

On the plus side, the £380 does include bills…

'Harry Potter' room to rent in Manchester

‘Harry Potter’ room to rent in Manchester.


A description of the property on the SpareRoom website reads, ‘we have a spare room in our home in Gorton. Very close to Ryder Brown train station and a five minute walk, through Sunny Brow Park, to Hyde Road, buses into Manchester and Tescos. Ten minute walk to Debdale Park and a short drive to M60.’[1]

To put the room into perspective, a room with a double bed to rent in the same area would cost tenants just £320 per month. In addition, homehunters could rent out a studio flat overlooking Debdale Park for £385 a month.

A spokesman for SpareRoom said,’ we have taken down ads in the past from people trying to advertise Harry Potter style spaces under the stairs, but it looks like this one’s a whole room, just that the bed is built into an alcove to make best use of the space. We are contacting the advertiser though to check and will remove the ad if necessary.’[1]

Tenants might want to use their magic wand to create a bit more room!