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Could You Get Government-Funded Solar Panels?

Em Morley - January 20, 2015

If you’re wondering about whether you qualify for a Government solar incentive, then Better Energy could help.

They provide free, no-obligation solar advice to try and help you get the most out of tax-free incentives.

Could You Get Government-Funded Solar Panels?

Could You Get Government-Funded Solar Panels?

Better Energy has already helped more than 50,000 applicants find the best solar funding option for them. Homeowners can use Government-backed income and energy savings to cover the cost of solar panel installation.

With the price of energy consistently rising, and fossil fuels running out, solar panels can provide an efficient way to produce energy throughout the year, reduce utility bills by up to 50%, and help the environment.

Affording solar panels is now easier than ever, with Government feed-in-tariffs. Having solar panels fitted to your home is also simple and easy. They are now an ideal renewable energy source for many.

Homeowners can get paid for the electricity that their solar panels produce, and also benefit from having free energy. You could gain income from the feed-in-tariff for all the power generated, and earn a profit from the unused energy that can be exported back into the National Grid.

PV solar panels only need UV light to work; they require only daylight, not the sun. They are very easy to maintain, and come with a 25-year warranty.

To qualify, Better Energy asks:

  • Are you a UK homeowner?
  • Do you work over 16 hours per week?
  • Does your property have an unshaded roof?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you could be entitled to Government incentives. Contact Better Energy at for more information.