Monthly Archives: October 2012

Homeowners Wealthier than Renters

Young homeowners are an average of seven times wealthier than those who are renting, according to insurance company Aviva. Aviva’s …

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Changes in homelessness rules affect landlords

New processes affecting how the homeless must appeal for help finding property will have consequences for private landlords. From the …

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Universal Credit tenants helped to manage money

Claimants of the new Universal Credit will be given support in the form of new financial products, the Government has …

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Why Flat Share Couples Can’t Move

Many couples cannot afford to rent or buy a house and are therefore renting out a room in shared accommodation, …

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Calls for benefit tenants’ rent to be paid to landlords

A recent move to pay housing benefits directly to landlords as opposed to tenants in Northern Ireland has provoked calls …

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Private Tenants Sign On for Housing Benefit

A worrying new report from the National Housing Federation shows that more families are signing on for housing benefit each …

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