Monthly Archives: January 2012

Interested In Becoming A Property Investor?

Amateur landlords are looking to drop the day job and become full-fledged property investors, working on their portfolios on a …

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Decline in House Prices in Northern Ireland is Persistent

The staggering decline in house prices in Northern Ireland is persistent, with west of the Bann the worst off, according …

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Static Housing Market Caused by Generational Gap

A generational gap is causing the UK housing market to become static, according to HSBC Bank. This is due to …

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Illegal Evictions Unacceptable

Two landlords in Peterborough have illegally evicted their tenant by changing the locks of their rental property after the tenant …

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House Sales have Declined

The number of houses sold last year fell by 1%, according to research carried out by HM Revenue & Customs …

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Peterborough best place to invest in property

A recent survey by a recognized chain of estate agents made Peterborough the surprise winner of the best place in …

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